Watch: Biden Backs Israel And Ends The Iran Fight Threat

You know, in this fight news going on, nice to see Europe seeing that America were right all along about this Russia Ukraine fight.

From day one they were right.

Spot on.

While everyone wants peace Ukraine was invaded and them winning the war is the only way to create peace.

As no peace talks have been forthcoming.

Nice to see Biden on his trip to Israel do the right thing and ensure substantial support moving forward for Israel against Iran who have become a dangerous threat in the current fights in the world:

Well done Biden.

That’s it for Iran.

If Iran were to supply weapons or drones to Russia against Ukraine, they’d only be hurting themselves further and the world economy.

Also you’d have a rake of countries in the middle east who’d smash Iran to pieces!

Saudis would end them if trouble in the region.

The likes of Turkey and UAE too.

Game over Iran.

They had a good run anyway.

Its just over for them now.

That’s all.

Happens all the time.

Good luck.


Cuban American Fight Beauty Hits The Big Time

Cuban American Fight Beauty Hits The Big Time

Now then.

Moving forward.

As for Europe and the EU, all they need to do left now is tax the massive price gouging and profiteering private energy companies like Spain and France have done — this summer — to recoup for the cost of living crisis.

For all their people in the different countries in the EU thing/Europe and so on and so forth.

That solves the Russian energy dependence once and for all and as Ukraine continue to win the war and the world (with the exception of the stupid Canadian President) shut down the Putin war machine.

And any potential allies, which are less than a handful, will likely see collateral damage to their economies too.

That’s war for ya.

What are ya going to do.

The world will be grand.

No worries.

Much love.


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