Watch: America Send Destroyer To Test The Waters With Soon To Be In Danger China

Nice to see the US and rest of the world finally stepping up to the plate and taking the fight to the likes of China and Russia.

Standing up to them.

Rightfully so, against those who claim they want peace, but don’t.

Tremendous fire power and brutal artillery has surely been held back against both for some time now and not even used.

Both militarily and economically.

But as always, the best things always come last and this excellent work, tremendous self defense of the likes of Taiwan and protection of others in the region (many nations in that region threatened recently by China):


They’ll do nothing to Taiwan.

Not one single thing or they’ll get destroyed and wiped out.

Otherwise the precedent of large nations invading smaller neighbors will just start up again.

All over the world.

Surely the world has moved on from those days.

Well, maybe some do.

But that’s no good.

Peace wins fear loses.

No worries.

World will be grand.


Some amount of fight news at the moment everywhere.

That’s for sure.