Watch: Sri Lanka President Legs It To Army Jet Flees Country Sign Of Things To Come

Predictably, and unfortunately, in the big fight news in the world — the level of fear in the world is at an all time high.

Pointless, needless, waste of time fear.

Sri Lanka suggests what maybe ahead.

You’d hope people could get along a little bit more in some places.

However when for years their people may have been betrayed or lied to by politicians of vast vocabulary and of little substance, well then.

And economies, governments and politicians snapping in two like match sticks recently, this is the result, unfortunately, far, far worse could happen though, this is nothing, really, in reality.

Sign of the times here this morning mad stuff:

Here’s what happened just a couple of days before:

Sad thing is the famine, economic crisis that many spoke about beforehand and now is becoming reality — will effect the poorer countries the worst.

People like World Health Organization and the UN, just some puppets owned largely by China, don’t mention that much though.