Watch: Canadian Prime Minister Goes Against Rest Of The World and Throws Spanner In Ukraine Russia Fight

As Ukraine continue to get stronger and win this war with Russia and resolve it one way or another, an unexpected move at the last minute from the Canadian Prime Minister has come:

No good.

Especially the timing of this.

Everyone in the world has done a tremendous job, kudos to Germany in particular recently.

Why is gas needed as much in this heat anyway?

Can’t deals with electricity firms be brokered more by some of these governments? Isn’t the main concern they have is the gas line? Oil can still be sourced elsewhere?

See Spain decided to tax the energy companies this summer and generate 1.5 billion a year for the cost of living crisis for people in Spain?

Smart move. First government maybe in the world that has done something proactive and forward thinking on this mess of a summer situation in some parts of the world, as pertaining to the fight in Ukraine and the fallout of it.

Why the above is happening now from Canada, doesn’t make any sense.

Seems the US and the rest of the world have done a great job in helping this sickening war be stopped as soon as they can.

The above from Canada doesn’t make sense in the fight, though.

The fight news continues.

Looks like President Biden is having his first trip to Israel this week.

As places like LA and Chicago literally see businesses fleeing from them due to crime and inflation in America, hopefully Biden can at least get his fight strategy right still overseas.

If Biden doesn’t support Israel surely it wouldn’t be wise for him and his nation and or/associates/other nations.

Hopefully things get better for all and peace comes about.