Watch: Unelected German Individual’s Agenda Goes Silent Since War

In the big fight news in the world at the moment, the destruction of various narratives in the now defunct mainstream media, to an extent, are accelerating all the time.

Nothing against this guy, really, at all, am sure he’s probably a good guy, we don’t know him, but with respect, this German chap of the World Economic Forum no longer seems to be peddling and pushing this world agenda stuff:

At least for now…

But why…

With respect, no one cares anymore and the world is in a state of war with fight news all over the place.

Surely there is much more pressing matters at hand?

Has he not seen the world burning down all around the place in some places?

Hopefully peace talks can come soon.

It can happen, surely, look at Yemen recently.

One of the good news stories in the fight news in the world, recently.


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