Russia Meets With A Nation Who Had A Brutal War With America

With all things being balanced and equal, the human being appears on inspection to have a needless need for revenge often.

Whereas forgiveness and love is actually the answer.

For everybody.

Not hate.

Otherwise hate in your heart will consume you too.

That’s a trap.

While the United States of America has made its fair share of mistakes, respectfully, sure, that said, Communism is not the answer to unite the world.

Following the recent Russia invasion of Ukraine this meeting with Vietnam took place a short time ago with Russia:

All war is wrong and immoral.

Unless from a self defense basis.

The Vietnam war certainly was wrong.

Very wrong.

America was also defeated and of course, Muhammad Ali, thought to be the best boxer of all time — showed at the time that the war was very wrong.

He paid a price at the time but in the end was right.

Ali was a very good fighter.


Chinese Firm Default On Significant Dollar Bond

Chinese Firm Default On Significant Dollar Bond

The above could show that countries like Vietnam have not forgotten this animosity with the US.

Even after all these years.

With that being said, Vietnam would be well advised of certain American entrepreneurs like Chuck Feeney who did great philanthropy work over there in hospitals after that war.

To help build back up the country after the war.

Until Russia show a willingness to have talks Ukraine are well within their rights to defend their homeland from surely one of the worst wars the world has ever seen.

How that is possible in 2022 is staggering, really.

This is a very different situation to Vietnam of course.

In the days ahead it is surely crucial for Kherson and Melitopol to be taken to help get back Donbas for Ukraine and everything possible by the world should be done to help.

Otherwise this precedent of larger nations simply invading their smaller neighbors, something almost from the medieval ages long ago, could only continue.

In various places around the world no less.

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Ukraine ultimately will benefit from this situation when all is said and done.

One way or another.

Here’s a look back at the time Ali refused to go to the Vietnam war:


China Bash NATO Citing 4 Wars

China Bash NATO Citing 4 Wars