China Not Happy With Australia

In the big fight news in the world it appears China this week are really not mincing the words with some nations and so forth. Latest now being Australia: Year of the Tiger. Hopefully people and nations will get a long some with one another more soon.

Mayweather Sticks Up For Canelo In Ryan Garcia Beef

Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez shared the ring many years ago at this point. Mayweather won convincingly against the younger Alvarez who then went on to become a future all time great in his own right years later. Recently a slight spat occurred between Alvarez and young star Ryan Garcia…

Cuban American Fight Beauty Hits The Big Time

MMA fighter and Bellator athlete Valerie Loureda has been a huge piece of news to fight fans the world over. Certainly in recent times. A big story across combat sports and sports entertainment. The talented fighter and personality as well as making a big splash in the world of MMA…

China Get Into A Beef With Japan

In the latest outburst from China at other countries — this has come now with some Japanese vessels. As per the official Chinese spokesman Twitter account (hat tip): The big fight news in the world continues.

Chinese Government Go After Joe Biden Personally

In the big fight news in the world it is no secret that the China Communist Party and government have gone after not only America but anything Western, in many ways, in recent months. Specifically in Western media platforms. In various aspects. China’s latest bashing of America now has a…