China Make Bold Claim Against America

There are two sides to every coin in the big fight news in the world at the moment.

Good and evil.

Like water and oil, they don’t mix.

Never have.

But it’s not a blanket, once size fits all thing, as you might think sometimes.

A paint everything with the same brush type deal.


Case by case and individual nation by nation a lot of times.

Fight strategy by fight strategy.

Changing on a daily basis sometimes.

Seems the Chinese and Russians are imitating America and Europe slightly in some regards.

It’s almost interchanging, though.

How they mimic, then go back to old types of rhetoric, little originality often, but not always.

Don’t be deceived, overall, though.

Always look at the big picture and end game.

Most of these politicians and puppets just care about money and power.

Little about the people that elect them.

Well, if you don’t believe that nothing happens in life after death (each to their own respectfully) and or anything comes after this world, at all, then maybe that’s why they think they are safe in assuming and thinking like that.

But they are not.


The world is changing on a daily basis.

China have clearly and consistently gone on the attack against America on social media (and recently NATO) this year.

Since the start of the Putin invasion of Ukraine — specifically.

Nowhere to hide. They have put their cards on the table, now.

Synthetically speaking, this has been one of the big pieces of fight news in the world, really, in decades.

It didn’t just happen by accident or overnight, either.

This must have been planned for quite some time indeed.

Outside of the direct war itself, what China are doing appears much more concerning for the world.

This mentioned by China interesting this week:

On the other hand they are very wrong in their root motivations — as to why they say what they say.

But why…

Why have they not flat out and totally condemned the Putin invasion war of Ukraine?

Which is clearly barbaric and evil beyond a shadow of a doubt?

There is no more proof required surely?

America while not perfect, and kind of burning to the ground this summer as we speak, still the good guys overall, in general, in the world, more or less.

Each to their own.

That said, another thing the above doesn’t tell you, is the economic coercion that China have on the above nation and many others.


The Gent, Classy, Nice Guy, Right Thing To Do -Would Be For Depp To Let Amber Heard Off The $10 Million

The Gent, Classy, Nice Guy, Right Thing To Do – Would Be For Depp To Let Amber Heard Off The $10 Million

Almost enslaving countries with debt.

Not only having countries in their pocket — but many organizations too.

America must be weighing up if at what point they will default on their debt to China.

Think about it.

If in fact the two were to engage in conflict over Taiwan.

Or other areas of conflict occurred in the near future that is.

At what point will the economic war bleed into the fight news in all aspects between the two.

Of course, you’ve got markets crashing at the moment but also, too, you’ve got to think about how the Chinese currency is going to perform before end of year because of all this.

As with the US dollar.

There’s a lot going on here in the big picture.

Which on a daily basis is revealing itself all the time.

Anything is possible.

That’s not a paranoid or out of the ordinary world view to have in these times either.

As people are beginning to only understand recently on a daily basis it seems.

Pay no attention to influencers or main stream media.

It really doesn’t offer much insight or can get little from it anymore.

Much of them are now defunct and of very little use really now, in all truth.

Go to the source.


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