Concerning Report For The U.S. Military

America is still a good country with a lot of good people but in terms of its strength, intellect, innovation and genuine willingness to improve, it is coming to an end.

It would take a miracle to save America at this point.

This decline in the American department of defense further depressing reading in the current fight news in the world:

Once the bad guys get stronger than the good guys and the good guys leave this world, at some point in time (no one knows the day or the hour) after the Rapture, a seven year period on Earth after the rapture that no one will want will ensue.

Worse than anything in history.

Good always defeats evil though.

No worries.



Chess Grandmaster Makes Good Point On Putin

Chess Grandmaster Makes Good Point On Putin

Please don’t take the mark of the beast on your right hand or forehead.

That mark of the beast in whatever form it comes in the future (who knows when, could be a long time away) is a permanent separation from the creator of all things of all times/the universe/vibes/karma — whatever your belief or religion is!

Jesus Christ is the only truth and the way to God and heaven that we know of.

Each to their own.

Say no to the chip/mark of the beast.

For the sake of some free groceries and housing, it won’t be worth eternal life in hell, seriously.

You don’t want to go there. It is a place not designed for humans.

No matter what you say or think consciously or subconsciously, it doesn’t matter in the end (God loves you more than you will ever even know or understand, his purposes have always been pure and good by all interpretations since the beginning):

Read the Book of Revelations at the very end of the New Testament.

No one knows the day or the hour.

More people in heaven in all the people of all times than hell surely.

Life is temporary 80 or 90 years — eternity is forever.

If you could go to a beach and count every grain of sand on that beach.

Then multiply that number by a billion — that isn’t even close to eternity.

Anyway, we don’t know anything, each to their own.

All us mere mortal humans can do is our best and always look to improve one day at a time.

Hope you enjoy your day.


British Royal Family Destruction As An Institution Appears To Be Complete

British Royal Family Destruction As An Institution Appears To Be Complete