Watch: How President Biden Is Letting Putin Get Away With This Barbarism Is Disgusting

In the big fight news in the world — the depressingly increasingly depraved world and depraved situation in Ukraine is getting worse all the time — per below.

How not only America, but President Biden, who claims he believes in God and who’s supposed to be the President and leader of a country in desperate crisis, and the likes of France and Germany, is letting this happen, is reprehensible and below reproach to say the least:

That wasn’t very nice.

Even WWI and WWII didn’t see this level of evil.

The targeting of family apartments, children, schools, hospitals, museums, shopping centers and grocery stores.

Is there even any humanity left at all in some of this monstrosity of a planet at this stage.

Sickening and disgusting.

What purpose does this serve?

For any army or soldier to do?

For any country to do?

Why would anyone do this?

You’d hope that America and the rest of the 200 plus or so free countries around the world have surely had enough of this now.

What more proof do they want or need?

At least some peace came in Yemen recently with a truce.

There’s clearly now talking or truce or anything with Putin though — who has refused to engage in peace talks — and just clearly and transparently ramps up evil attacks.

Over and over again.

It’s criminal in any jurisdiction, the above.

No good.