In the big fight news in the world at the moment one individual who has offered insight into Putin’s war on Ukraine from different perspectives has been chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov.

With there been no chance for talks with Putin by all accounts, the only way to stop the carnage at this stage for the free and vast majority of the world — is to help Ukraine win the war.

The consequences both for Russia and the world otherwise will only continue to escalate.


It is not a case against the West vs the East, either.

It is about 200 or more countries against Russia, China and maybe a tiny few others nothing more.

This spot on from Kasparov:

As time goes on the sanctions and action should just get stronger and stronger.

No other way around it.

The sooner the better for all concerned.

The world’s biggest sport brand Nike leaving Russia the other day permanently correct decision and says it all as regards Putin.

Putin is playing an economic game of poker he can’t win. Call his bluff Germany and France. He can’t win. It’s impossible for Putin to win. Seriously.

He will have excess gas supply with no one to sell to and even then, if he decides to change policy back to selling gas again in other countries’ currencies, it will be too late for him then (just like Nike leaving permanently), his currency will be worth nothing by then — with hardly anyone to sell to.

Or, previous buyers will get a huge discount available to them.

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