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Big Tech Go After China Now As President Xi Clown Next

There’s a lesson in everything some American individual said one time.

In the big fight news in the world at the moment, the world which was never a fair place, is being made fair and more equal in many respects all of a sudden…

For some reason…

Just like that…

Not all, but just to show a few to show some humans — that they — or no one — is better than anyone else. We are all the same.


What Mike Tyson Had In Common With Johnny Cash and An Irish Writer

What Mike Tyson Had In Common With Johnny Cash And An Irish Writer

Everything is changing in the world in live time at the moment.

As many market corrections appear to be taking place also.

Seems like a lot of small and medium size businesses could actually benefit out of this, which, will help the average person more, hopefully.

President Biden falling off his bike yesterday here while unfortunate an important lesson for him (of which much more can come surely today and tomorrow and in the weeks ahead this summer for him):

Get well soon.

Never liked bikes anyway, dangerous bloody things, look, now you see, be careful next time.


Be careful next time Biden. Look at the turmoil you are causing in America and the world for heavens sake — get it right for America and the world while you still can…

America, while no longer the leader of the free world, still a good country and important one for humanity with great people still there.

Terrible to see it falling apart everyday as Biden destroys it every day that goes by.

It appears a lady by the name of Nancy Pelosi, while probably a very nice lady, is at the root and core of many problems in America.

Biden would be well advised to suggest she retires soon or else risk America getting completely wiped out this summer.

The above a lesson that no matter who you are, even the President of America, if he gets too proud and arrogant — it leads to a fall.

Everyone makes mistakes but very rarely do you hear the arrogant US administration say, hey, we made a mistake on that one. Sorry about that.

Now things are coming home for them in America and for Americans in every country at the moment due to the errors of falling away from their founding father’s mission statements, and, Constitution.

All those woke corporate crap things are coming to an end now in brutal fashion. Now you see… Finally…

Keep it simple.

Try to be respectful of everyone, kind to people and enjoy life. That’s it. Simple.

In this big fight news in the information bull in the news at the moment — hopefully things improve.

As per usual, don’t worry about nothing.

We don’t know anything, each to their own.

Etc. etc. etc.

Everything works out in the end.

Have a great day to all our readers.

Much love happy Sunday 🙂


What Mike Tyson Had In Common With Johnny Cash and An Irish Writer

What Mike Tyson Had In Common With Johnny Cash And An Irish Writer

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