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Big Tech Go After China Now As President Xi Clown Next

In the big fight news in the world at the moment there appears to be a war on information itself at the moment.

President Biden appears to be not as much controlled by puppets in recent days.

Politicians are crumbling and folding like match sticks.

All the time as time goes on.

Last throw of the dice below from Biden with his lowest approval ratings yet.

Ahead of a summer of carnage for him and some of his buddies.

Maybe Pompeo will get in next maybe up, who knows.

Maybe some people will have to get him into the office or a nomination. Let’s see what happens.

Hopefully the fat cats won’t be complaining about interference in elections from foreign and domestic influence this time.

Biden in the meantime went on Jimmy Kimmel and attempted some sort of subliminal marketing message here repeating over and over again ‘The World, The World, The World’:

And again:

They think you are stupid.

Yes you — average Joe public.

How did that go before hand with whatever Harvard bum lawyer or whoever advises these goons.

On professional service firms as a quick aside, like crooked accountants and lawyers, on another note, watch the dark money going on currently and soon to be exposed from professional service firms in certain places allegedly indirectly assisting Putin and co in some sort of dark banking operation — this is despicable — wonder what the treasury are going to do about this calamity:

Reprehensible. That’s it for them.

The EU can stop all this carnage by letting Ukraine into the EU — and looks like they are finally looking to do it this summer.

Hopefully those bloody French and Germans don’t screw things up again on this — or else.

We know they’ll do the right thing though πŸ™‚

Had a sense they’d come around to the right way of thinking eventually πŸ™‚

Create the European army, disband NATO, let Ukraine be neutral maybe and/or negotiate with Russia and/or not limited to whoever/whatever is left of/in charge of Russia by then — and move on.

There won’t be much of the Russian economy or future for any Russians after all this otherwise. The good people of Russia need to be saved. So they will eventually see sense.

Setting up different franchises in Eastern Europe of American fast food outlets owned by Russia won’t help them either.

Or even rebranding McDonalds in Russia will only lead to further Western litigation against Russian business down the road.

Ever heard of trademark and brand infringement.


Look at the investment China’s banks have made into some European countries too. Don’t be stupid. Even in the short term.

That’s just one example of brand infringement that some of these companies can litigate against from the West and the East.

The owners of the franchises will wise up soon to that game.

It’s a slow bleed out for the Russian economy either way and by third/fourth quarter this year it will be fully shut down on the operations side.

Anyway, back to old Biden.

Ok, maybe they said, so you need to get your point across Biden…

Repeat after me, the world, the world, the world…

Are you fooking stupid you thick numpties πŸ™‚

Entertaining but highly depressing in other ways.

Dumb fooks. Would do anyone’s head in. Fook this. Logging off. Getting some gelato and pasta tomorrow.

Some week. These bum Irish government people better have the old birth cert over here to Italy in the post finally too soon. Finally getting my birth cert after all these years. Or they’ll be collecting their pension faster than they even think.

Seems like lots of litigation going on in the tech world at the moment also. That Twitter thing with the Musk guy briefly looked at it. How they tried to scam him for that much money is crazy. Hopefully they are honest about the number of users of their product now. Advertisers will flee from them and Google too, also, if the quality of their ads keeps decreasing too. Why they can’t work together on ads.txt and the open ads program a little more is anyone’s guess. Doesn’t make sense.

The litigation some of these companies are facing this summer is truly staggering. Some of them if it goes the wrong way are looking at tens of thousands of job losses. Terrible. That Google CEO though a good man. Hope he can navigate the ship through these waters this summer.

Litigation in big tech is on a level that surely no one thought even imaginable when the internet began.

All in all, excuse the delay on getting back here, moreover.

This boxing blog website is not working properly due to technical issues the last week or so. We hope it is fixed again by next week.

Hope to have a currency news blog live soon, currency news for new mainstream media etc. That Russian Ruble won’t last the long run also. It will be bust up. Drop some bombs on Putin in Moscow from NATO and America — won’t be long bringing the price back down then and ending all this carnage. Lets see the evidence of Neo Nazis in the international courts and The Hague. That currency is coming down all the time everyday again. It will be the weakest currency on Earth soon. Beaten into a bloody pulp.

Same with some bombs on China too — if they go near Taiwan too. Glad to see no full scale invasion so far either. Go on the Japanese.

So much war going on in the world as long as nobody betrays Israel that’s when it will all kick off but for now seems like they are defending themselves as always. And from bogus media as well which is disgusting treatment of Israel from some. Deplorable and no doubt will have the appropriate remedy. Biden you bum.

Anyway, we hope to be back on this boxing blog soon when the tech bugs resolved.

Much love and a great Friday ahead πŸ™‚

Great start to the summer so far roll on the rest of it πŸ™‚

All day, all day much love, much love πŸ™‚

1 Peter 5:8 & Ephesians 6:10-18

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