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Clown Putin Mobilization Attempt Disintegrates


Hope you are doing well today.

During these unprecedented fight and war news times.

Great fights at the weekend.


George Foreman On The Greatest Piece Of Boxing Commentary Ever

George Foreman On The Greatest Piece Of Boxing Commentary Ever

Well done to Devin Haney, David Morrell and Joe Cordina.

Amazing punch.

Boxing and us fight fans have a lot to be grateful for.

If only the fights were left in the boxing ring or cage.

Or back in school lessons for discipline growing up.

Would the world not be a better place.

Of course it would.

Doesn’t need a PHD to figure that out.

Don’t blame people for anything.

Love of course even in these war times.

All is fair in love and war 🙂

More good people standing up to evil all the time around the world.

On a bright note.

Not no morning star light note.

That ryhmes.

You know it does.

Thanks and take care.

Moving forward.

There was a pastor years ago on YouTube John Ramirez if you look him up.

A good man.

He said he was the number 3 guy worldwide for Satan’s evil forces and he exposed loads of stuff on Satan.


Irish America and Hollywood Actor Hit President Of Ireland With Gut Punch

Irish America And Hollywood Actor Hit President Of Ireland With Gut Punch

Then many people in New York prayed for him to be set free from the evil holds on him and he was saved by Jesus Christ.

Great story old John look it up on YouTube.

The truth is there is about 3 million other things on Satan that could be exposed but you’re bleeding better off praying for people who follow him to be set free and saved by Jesus Christ and if it don’t happen let God deal with it he knows best surely.

God controls everything in this world more than you even think.

Wonder who the number 1 or 2 is for that bum Satan though — maybe hiding in some place in Dallas or Hermosillo 😉 ??

Whatever old Lucifer/Lucinda/Lucey is calling himself these days — don’t worry about old Nick his plans going down the swanny every day unluckily (pardon the pun) for him — people waking up finally???

Everyone wants spirituality but no one wants the truth.

No such thing as luck only being blessed.

There is only one truth.

Jesus Christ.

Only one King.

One one lord.

Only one savior.

Each to their own.

Surely God loves everyone why can’t people get along and just let God do the fighting.

All us mere mortal humans can do is our best.

No one better than anyone.

Look at the carnage that has unfolded in America in the last 6/7 weeks for some reason.

It’s getting worse by the day.


Talking Puppet Goon Biden Out Of Touch With Reality On King and Queen of England

Talking Puppet Goon Biden Out Of Touch With Reality On King And Queen Of England

It’s been nearly a year and half ago think, can’t remember exactly now since in Turkey for a US visa appointment. Recall speaking to some lady Liz Detmeister in the US foreign press office briefly very interesting individual for the US government and all governments around the world (in both the East and the West) to take note of. Seems like a very interesting lady as regards the news industry behind the scenes. Very clever.


China Launch An Outrageous Subtle, Sly and Indirect Attack On America

China Launch An Outrageous Subtle, Sly And Indirect Attack On America

Can still go the US anytime but happy in Italy now maybe dodged a bullet with all the carnage starting to unfold in America right now. Turns out they needed us much more in the end. Ah well. Every good wish.

Seems like the US has only gone down hill since then and even more so in last couple of months again, for some reason.

The reality is the traditional news control and mainstream media has now fallen apart.

Joe Biden legged it to the beach the other day out of panic.

He can’t hack what’s happening.

Poor old man.

Hope he gets well soon poor guy.

Him and his buddy Obama can’t hack the heat.

Poor old guys.

Narrative is collapsing on a daily basis in front of their eyes.


New mainstream media is only growing all the time in influence/audience.

Would be great if the old US could get someone like Mike Pompeo back in the mix.

Of center.

None of this extreme right or left stuff.

Or America will go down in flames unfortunately. It is what it is. That’s the times we are living in we guess… Love is possible though even in war.

Carve out your own piece of peace (pardon the pun).

Whatever the heck that even means ??????❤️?

All this politics stuff is garbage.

Much love.

The world is a just a play some individual Shakespeare said.

We are only all playing our part and doing our best suppose.

Guess ya never stop learning.

The greatest enemy or competitor you’ll ever have is only yourself.

The race of life is short but its only with yourself.

No one can beat you other than you.

You see.

Good and evil.

Is in all of us surely.

To some degree.


Chinese Government Global Control Agenda Exposed

Chinese Government Global Control Agenda Exposed

Why would the masses tune into such horrific news otherwise and be drawn into it.

Nobody broke into your house and made you watch the tragedy.

Or carnage going on in the world.

Did they.

Alright then.

Choice only exists in the plan of God as free will doesn’t exist.

His will does.

It is all supposed to happen the exact way it was meant to.

But you can surely choose your way to be saved and be a part of God’s plan.

At anytime in his will.

At any point.

He thinks and looks at time different to us. He has a great sense of humor.

Good guy for sure well the greatest.


If Putin Beats Ukraine Poland Will Be Next NATO Should Bomb Putin Back Until He Resigns Or Leaves Ukraine

If Putin Beats Ukraine Poland Will Be Next NATO Should Bomb Putin Back Until He Resigns Or Leaves Ukraine

He’s God after all.

During that play conducted by the source of all things as he conducts it.

Right now.

Yes you.

Right now you can be part of it.

Each to their own.

So surely some sort of evil is in all of us.


Chess Grandmaster On The Right Thing To Do In Russia Ukraine War

Chess Grandmaster Breaks Down Honor Of Dealing With Russia Ukraine War

You fight the spirits in the world. Not the world.

Or brittle humans.

Each to their own.

That’s a two way street though isn’t it.

Terrible to see St. Peters cathedral in Russia and other churches and buildings burned down recently.

In places like Russia and Canada in recent times.

They’ll have no luck for it.

Even if you don’t believe in anything why some would target these things.

And museums, schools, hospitals in Ukraine.

Shows you where some are at.

Live and let live as they say.

The old Queen of England even appeared to be all over the news in recent days.

God bless her too maybe God saved her.

Who knows.

Not for us mere mortals to condemn or save anyone.

Only condemn words and language.

Guess we all must have to try to watch our language a bit better in these times.

Try to be more polite to one another.

Muhammad Ali and Rich Franklin (boxing and MMA) maybe the two most inspirational fighters in terms of their manners of all time. Great manners those two to try to use elements of for us all. Manners go a long way. Cost nothing either.


Photos: The Great Sicilia Surely One Of The Great Places Of The World

Photos: Sicilia Italy Up There With Colima Mexico As One Of Great Places Of The World

Just because people are nice doesn’t make them good or evil but at least manners and politeness can make the world a bit better a place for all? Who knows?

Guess that’s the best you can aim for. Be firm but fair and try to be a bit kinder to people. Doesn’t seem like you can do much more than that.

Another great day in southern Italy today thank God.

Look after yourselves, yeahhhhh all day, all day — amen to that 🙂

Photo: Another Day In Paradise Look After Yourselves

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