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Clown Putin Mobilization Attempt Disintegrates

As you know most politicians and diplomats are talking puppets.

Or puppet controlled by someone pulling the strings behind them.

Say this.

Do that.


No thanks.

You know, there’s carnage all around the world.

But somehow today all over the news is some crap about some commemoration thing for the Queen and King of England or something.

Each to their own no disrespect but no idea what all the commotion is about.

No idea what it is about but each to their own.

We’re sure she is a nice lady and everything but isn’t there more important stuff happening?

With all the war and new business of war being actioned soon?

War takes precedence.

The fight between good and evil.

Biden ya goon, no disrespect to Mrs. Biden, but Biden, your some goon man what’s this about:


Shut it Biden.


That Commonwealth thing a joke man. What are you at. Australia could care less about it. Sure you’ll get a few in Canada who might remain in it but that’s it for the Commonwealth. That Canadian President is cruising for a bruising.

With respect, he’s the worst of them all.


Photos From Paradise: Sicilia Italia

Photos From Paradise: Sicilia Italia

How some Canadians and Americans have not taken the appropriate action to remove him from his post is beyond belief so far. That’s it for him.

Not much wealth in it no more anyway. The Common Wealth.

Ironically it’s common like anything else now.

No one better than anyone else.

You bloody goon ya Biden.

The UK is falling apart by the day too.

Their economy has been brutalized beyond words the last few weeks in particular.

The stepping on the neck economic and business carnage that will come for it over the next 14 days or so will be off the charts.

It’s just business.

So, think about the more important stuff going on in the world Biden.

Next time.

With all the bullets flying and bodies piling up at the moment.

Think about the Ukrainians.

At least Yemen thankfully has seen some peace recently.

Just remember Biden.

The UK is only England pretty much now.

As Scotland want out of it for ages.

Same with most Northern Irish people.

Once they get of the rid of the DUP and Orange Order thing.

Wales will follow then.

So what’s left of it then?

That’s the reality of it.


Predictably Some Markets Panic As Brutal Summer Carnage Starts

Predictably Some Markets Panic As Brutal Summer Carnage Starts

You think the good people of England would choose to have more bread on the table.

Or dole out a fortune for some make believe palace.

With just some humans in it called a King or Queen.

Get off the stage pal.

Do us a favor.

With respect.

So really, the King and Queen and all this stuff is a non starter anymore.

Same goes for Spain and anywhere else that still has that stuff.

Didn’t some King of Spain individual leg it to Switzerland years ago with a fortune from the Spanish people.

Same with some Mexican individual years ago some Mexican President done Mexico out of billions dope went to Ireland then Holland likely thought he was safe. No way.


None of these people are safe no more worldwide.

Not a single one of them surely.

They know it too.

You see the fear in those Swiss people last week at the Davos thing.

Only a small few corrupt Germans, French, English, Spanish, Dutch, Canadians, New Zealanders, Hungarians, Mexicans, Bulgarians, Russians (excluding their soon to be diminished leader) and the Chinese have start to toe the line a bit.

In recent weeks and days to their credit.

All the other countries around the world are grand though. More or less. That’s about 200 plus good ones anyway or so.

Much more good countries than crap ones in the end 90 per cent good 🙂 Great 🙂


George Foreman On The Greatest Piece Of Boxing Commentary Ever

George Foreman On The Greatest Piece Of Boxing Commentary Ever

Other than the above and individuals from the above for various reasons. Keep an eye though.

Big respect to the two greatest European countries of them all. Italy and Poland. God bless all the Italians and Polish. We’d all be lost without them around the world. In all aspects.

Back to the hit list though from humanity.

Last up will surely be the Swiss and Canadians.

Ah yes, the Swiss will be cut like Swiss cheese into line you suspect. Switzerland and Ireland have caused a lot of problems for the world over the years which has now all been brought to light due to the international tech and legal warfare of the small few bad people in these two jurisdictions (and to a lesser extent Singapore) over the last 50 years. The much more good people in these three places deserve a lot better anyway.

Good people standing up to the evil in the world all the time and they have changed the terrible culture that once existed in mainstream media.


Chess Grandmaster On The Right Thing To Do In Russia Ukraine War

Chess Grandmaster Breaks Down Honor Of Dealing With Russia Ukraine War

This has been done by the good people and free people of the world.

Lots of carnage going on for wealthy people.

Wealthy people and the elites know the bad things happening to them now are only going to get worse this summer.

Power to the people.

While tradition and all that on Kings Queens Nobles Servants Butlers and all that gets removed as just some notions of nonsense.

Imagine having a butler what kind of snob would do that to another human being.


Morning butler.


No thanks.

No disrespect.

It just isn’t really what’s happening in the real world anymore.

Is it.

Tune in.

People are just people.

They bloody need help now some of these poor Ukrainians and other poor places etc.

The above a non story when people trying to put bread on the table.

As the next two weeks show politicians and diplomats diminish.


Unelected German Individual Makes Bizarre Global Reset Claim

Unelected German Individual Makes Bizarre Global Reset Claim

Embassy staff for all countries now.

No matter where they are.

Their security won’t help them either.

Same goes for wealthy politicians.


McDonalds Make The Right Move In Russia War Burger King The Wrong One

McDonalds Make The Right Move In Russia War Burger King The Wrong One

You can see the world is fed up now and are waking up to the fact they have got scammed for years by these establishment individuals.

These elites in every country are constantly under threat and nervous.

It will get much worse for them as the days and weeks unfold. Way worse.

People don’t trust anyone working for a government anymore. They are no better than any of us. Can you blame them.

They are no longer respected.

Or safe in the free world.

Time’s up for them. Power to the people who need to take the power back. Let the fat cats have a taste of their own medicine now.

The establishment has lied for decades in many countries.

Only now people are waking up.



Irish America and Hollywood Actor Hit President Of Ireland With Gut Punch

Irish America And Hollywood Actor Hit President Of Ireland With Gut Punch

Armies, federal courts, some good servants of the people etc. to stamp out the corrupt and fraud and should be all powered by the people. Good needs to rise up to evil. Turn on the bloody light. You have permission to do so.

There should be no kings or queens anymore.

Cost cutting measures need to be exacted.

In these need to conserve more times.


When Has A Politician Ever Built Something Or Made Life Better For People

When Has A Politician Ever Built Something Or Made Life Better For People

As things ramp up this summer.

It’s the right thing to do.

Only one King, Lord and Savior anyway.

That’s Jesus Christ.

He’ll be back.

As we all know per the times we’re living in.

Next time as well Biden don’t just say God.

Mention the name Jesus Christ.

In your stupid speeches you old Delaware. Otherwise people are going to keep thinking you and your deep State buddies are pathetic, worthless, always been removed/or set free by Jesus Christ in recent months and weeks ahead, Satanists.

Each to their own.

Even though that might not be the case.

Go ask your buddy Obama.


A Not Very Politician Way To Solve The Brexit Thing

A Not Very Politician Way To Solve The Brexit Thing

Who picks and chooses how he refers to bible verses and twists and turns his words for his agenda.


Each to their own.

No disrespect to him but some of these people need to get in touch with reality.

Stop reading off a teleprompter. What a joke.


That clown promised a load of change. In eight years he did nothing. That’s what he did.


Another thing Biden, ya goon ya.

You’d be well advised to listen to Mike Pompeo more.

No one perfect but seems like America could do more with people like him back in the mix.

All this politics stuff is bull of course.

How it takes up more than 20 minutes a day of anyone’s time is farcical.

You’d be well advised to meet in the center on matters of warfare as they are unfolding domestic and foreign.



True American Fight Hero May Box Remembering His Fight Against A Brazilian Samurai

True American Fight Hero May Box Remembering His Fight Against A Brazilian Samurai

Silly Biden.


With respect.

As usual though, no worries in the end 🙂

Everything always has a way of working out somehow etc. etc. etc. 🙂

Have a great day to all our readers.

Much love 🙂


Photos: The Great Sicilia Surely One Of The Great Places Of The World

Photos: Sicilia Italy Up There With Colima Mexico As One Of Great Places Of The World

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