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Clown Putin Mobilization Attempt Disintegrates

In the big fight news in the world at the moment it’s all about the big picture.

Each to their own.

A one world government and new world order was thought to be a conspiracy years ago but now these people are not even hiding it anymore:

That ends it all.

In other words — robots of society conform conform conform comply comply comply.

Socialism in some aspects okay but in purist form two steps away from Communism!

See what happened Venezuela.


That’s what.

America as a beacon of hope for the world was once the land of the free and home of the brave.

Nothing is perfect.

Not even freedom.

Hopefully America can and still will be for a time and a time ahead while not a leader in the world at least some sort of hope.

Hope never dies.



Yes its not perfect like no place but the idea of it can maybe be reformed and brought back some day.

Or not.

In the meantime China are going after the Fed now and everything they can and need to be fought back against by America and the rest of the world.

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