Photos: Sicilia Italy Up There With Colima Mexico As One Of Great Places Of The World

In rural Italy at the moment. Unreal. Class. Top notch. Tremendous. Have been fortunate to travel internationally for work on route to trying to move to America for a long time but this is the cream of the crop this island. Very good.

Healed up from the stupid miscalculated sun burn and guess minor sun stroke.

Sometimes challenging to get consistent internet access for work many days.

Being so far out at the moment but a nice break.

Unreal to have so much nature around for a bit.

Nice to stop by.

Another bright sky warm day.

Can any of us really complain at all in life.

When all is said and done.

When the simple things are best and free.

Despite the turmoil and all the garbage in some of the world.

Keep it simple 🙂

Some views above and below — just enjoy the journey.

Other than Colima in Mexico, USA, Puerto Rico, Ireland, UK, some of the best people you could meet and the best place there is this place, keep collecting new friends and people — everywhere you go — always take the weather with you good song below — even Julius Cesar and the Roman Empire couldn’t conquer the blue skies ? :

Keep on trucking.