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Clown Putin Mobilization Attempt Disintegrates

You know, you don’t have to look too far beneath the surface to see what is going on in the world as much of it now has come to the surface.

Above the water.


Photos: The Great Sicilia Surely One Of The Great Places Of The World

Photos: Sicilia Italy Up There With Colima Mexico As One Of Great Places Of The World

The Chinese government at the same time Russia invaded Ukraine sought to go on the attack on social media against America.

But its really trying to coerce, subtly sway economically and everything in between against the West over a long period of time really.

EU should not be fooled by what they are doing either.

In a one way manner.

Further brutal consequences lay await in healthy competition economic terms for them of course. Worse than the last ones. That goes without saying obviously. War is a brutal business and there is no easy way of doing it. There are no nice ways of victory in war.

That’s business. That’s the reality of it.

It’s just business.

That’s all.

Same for Russia.


A Not Very Politician Way To Solve The Brexit Thing

A Not Very Politician Way To Solve The Brexit Thing

How some in the UAE and Middle East either have not yet condemned the Russia war in Ukraine is unacceptable.

Hopefully this is remedied soon.

As for China, who are on the brink of boldly seeing what America will do for Taiwan.

They should fight tooth and nail with Japan that’s what they should do — and make China pay a bloody price if they invade, there is no easy way of doing things or nice guys in war against evil, same for Russia — this isn’t the bloody nice guy business war is necessary to remove evil sometimes.

Good always has authority over evil to do this since time began.

American movies even showing the Taiwan flag are getting banned it shows you the lengths the Chinese are desperately going to at the moment — Europe should wake up about the Chinese government before it is too late — if they don’t condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine soon you know they are only buying time for things elsewhere — make the Chinese government pay worldwide economically if they are seen to be in anyway not condemning Russia which is party to condoning war at this point disciplining of them is now required:

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