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Clown Putin Mobilization Attempt Disintegrates

You know don’t know anything about politics.

It’s garbage and surely a depressant for 90 per cent of the population other than the small few beneficiaries of it.

After taking a look at trying to understand what it is all about for a year, still think the same.

Much more so, now, actually.


Photos: The Great Sicilia Surely One Of The Great Places Of The World

Photos: Sicilia Italy Up There With Colima Mexico As One Of Great Places Of The World

Each to their own.

Moved on from it now but in the big fight news in the world a miniature fight between two of the tiny forces and countries of the world, Ireland and Britain/England, some thoughts below.

Seems like an easy fix and below just a random few thoughts scribbled down.

First thing that came into the head. Genuinely have no idea from where, how or why:

  • The UK/England can save themselves lots of money and hassle by shutting down the Orange Order and DUP things in Northern Ireland but firstly relocate the individuals and their jobs/businesses who believe they are in Britain/England in Northern Ireland, when they are not, they are in Ireland, to Britain/England first.
  • Easy flight and no immigration hassle either.
  • As that’s where they want to be? Surely the relocation would be awesome for them and the UK/England economy with new business, expertise and no immigration hassle on the same island of Britain/the country of England separately if Wales and Scotland no longer want to be in it as they have shown a lot. An all island British/just England maybe in the end solution and cost effective acquisition that actually doesn’t cost anything as it starts generating revenue straight away?
  • Let that Brussels, Belgium Protocol thing work then — in a way that suits all parties not opposed to it any longer — after the one island Ireland solution then also exists?
  • A dual island solution for the island of Ireland and island of Britain/or just England in the end?
  • Don’t know anything about Brussels, Belgium in the EU but Belgian chocolate is good at least? Surely this will also allow for the EU and Belgians to have a satisfactory conclusion too?
  • Cost effective for the UK/England and Ireland and increase both countries’ revenues while still keeping the common travel area between both islands?
  • Any British/English individuals anywhere in Ireland want to go back to Britain/England they can.
  • Or stay if they want.
  • Same visa versa Irish in Britain/England.
  • Under the new dual island agreement.
  • Maybe call it ‘Ireland, Britain/England and Europe directive/resolution of 2022’ etc. etc. etc.
  • Just do it quickly though doesn’t seem like it would be hard.
  • Just a simple thought above if nothing else.
  • Expand the IT, road and development structures in rural Ireland and Britain/England to allow greater investment.
  • In both countries in the years ahead.
  • Have an annual ‘No politics day’ one day per year in both countries and the EU.
  • To commemorate the agreement every year.
  • Reimburse 20 per cent of all legal fees incurred on both sides to a chocolate fund in Belgium to expand their chocolate exports.
  • For all the trouble both sides caused them and Europe.
  • Allow for the continued expansion of county Donegal as a new tech and IT hub in Europe.
  • Have an annual Derry Day where county Cork and Derry share an island country wide Jazz festival.
  • Rename Belfast as the European capital of Boxing.
  • Second in the world only to Las Vegas as the fight capital of the world.
  • Change the capital of Ireland from Dublin to the real capital of Cork.
  • Have an annual day where Dublin and Cork commemorate Guinness and Murphy’s stout.
  • Give Dublin 80% commission of worldwide sales generated each year.
  • Maybe call it ‘To Artur Murphy’ Day.
  • Shakes hands and move on.
  • Donate x amount of proceeds in savings and increased money pot to Ukraine who then get allowed into the EU thing.
  • Have a good day.
  • Amen.

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