In recent months coinciding exactly as the same time the Russian invasion of Ukraine started China at the same time went on the attack.

As a government against America.

Not against the West.

Against America specifically.

Clear as day.

Not many realize that China have been investing in smaller countries for years now.

You only need to see the huge Chinese banks in downtown cities in some regions.

And other businesses owned by Russian government backed entities to see what is going on.

Follow the Chinese banks and you’ll see they are slowly trying to influence Europe and other regions with their money.

Into everything.

Bit by bit.

Follow the Chinese banks.

Why do you think they are stalling as much in alleged peace talks.

It’s all bull.

They don’t want peace.

They want world control long-term guaranteed.

Hugely linked with the World Economic Forum, United Nations and World Health Organization too.

Don’t be deceived.

It’s a clear plan at this stage that they are undertaking in.

Why are they so interested in investing in some regions in Europe and interesting in Europe in recent years:

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