The Man Who May Receive 2024 Presidential Nomination Talks Russia

In the big fight news in the world at the moment a lot of things in various countries and economies are changing.

In live time.

All the time.

In the big fight in the Russia Ukraine war Mike Pompeo, who some have suggested will be nominated for the next US Presidency, spoke on the big fight in the world:


Although free countries of both the West and East won’t back down either.

Not mutually exclusive necessarily to an East vs West thing.

Once the storm is weathered while the Russian currency has rallied it will be weaker after.

Lower than all the rest of them.

Just turn off the gas bill for Putin.


He can’t do nothing without a purchaser.

EU countries and others that buy his energy are now complicit in the war.

At this point.

The US and other countries could sanction some EU countries who are complicit in this indirectly now this summer.

In the war in Ukraine.

Those who continue to purchase Russian energy.

Stop purchasing it.

Simple as that.

Don’t back down.

Nations can grow their own wheat and bread too in different countries.

Or eat a little less bread.

It’s not going to bloody kill ya will it.

Unlike the mounting refugee numbers and deaths in Ukraine at the moment.

Don’t buy wheat or grain anymore from Ukraine too maybe.

Ukraine will be fine with what they have domestically but surely wheat and the likes can be grown or sourced elsewhere.

Easily enough.

All in all, don’t know much about Pompeo but he comes across well from a military and fight strategy standpoint.

Speaks well.


Likely the US and world will need calm not stupid people moving forward.

Maybe its Pompeo.

As the carnage continues to ramp up in due course.

In the time and times ahead.

Market and world correction in full flow now.


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