Watch: Evil Exposed and Disgusts The World At 2022 World Economic Forum In Davos

You know, in the big fight and war news at the moment, after the terrible, tragic shooting of kids and teachers in Texas this week, you could tell a lot about how ungenuine many of these world leaders and politicians are in their insincere reactions to it.


Canned lawyer statement responses and the predictable wording from former and current presidents says it all.

Some of these evil world leaders and politicians couldn’t care less about the tragic, cowardly shooting this week.

A lot of these politicians, the majority of them at least, only care about money and power — and votes.

If they are even genuine in some places anymore. Democracy has been proven to not exist as it once did — beyond reasonable doubt at this point.


What actually exists in reality is just something now created as the best of a bad bunch of systems in the end that humans could come up with.

The comments around the world on this YouTube video show the utter disgust of the entire world at what has gone this week at the 2022 World Economic Forum in Davos:

In a time where the world is falling apart and will only get worse for some nations and individuals, strange how an event like the above even took place with so many unelected individuals.

This interesting too: