China Reportedly Prepare For War Unwise Biden Taiwan Remarks Bad Timing

China Brutally Reacts To Biden's Explosive Military Action Threats

In the big fight and world war news at the moment — the world of pain could be about to be unleashed on the American military unfortunately in Asia.


How no one realizes how bad this is going to be is beyond belief.

Way worse than anything of the 21st century so far.

For sure.

Remarks from current US President Joe Biden on Taiwan didn’t help.

A number of things appear to already be in the works before that per the below.

This appears like it will be one of the most brutal and bloody beat downs of all time if it kicks off in that region.

No good.

Taiwan is in dispute at this particular time and Mr. Biden recently said that America would commit to defending Taiwan militarily from China.

The Chinese side don’t appear to care much for his remarks at all:

Damn it Biden what have you done. This is going to kick off some serious things around the world. This disaster of a US Administration really is falling apart quickly. Unfortunate. This summer doesn’t look good for some with all the ongoing war and new wars and fights starting all the time.

China vs America in that region will spark unbelievable carnage. Total devastation if engagement of battle is activated and warfare is commenced between the various armies and so forth.

Interesting to see what fight and military strategy both will employ moving forward.

The likes of which will be ten times worse than the stuff in the Russia Ukraine crisis at the moment.

Much worse.

There will be a lot of blood.

No good.

That region could see other countries dragged into this war near Taiwan too.

Obviously Japan but Australia would not be safe over there either.

Very bad.

Well, at least on a fight fan and boxing note you’ve got Gervonta Davis vs Romero this weekend.

Also Cuba’s Erislandy Lara against Ireland’s Gary O’Sullivan.

Roll on both.


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