What up.

Sicily in Italy amazing.

Highly recommended.

Nice break and hope to be back here soon covering all things fight news.

Made the amateur mistake of not wearing sun protection recently and only noticed now why I was sleeping a lot with all the sun burn.

It’s odd though as the old face and arms go brown tanned skin but pale white legs got burned to bits.

On top of a lot of mosquito bites actually on the sun burn on the legs too.

They are a crafty bunch.

In bits at the moment.

Only noticed it today though sweated a lot last night after been in the heat all day without sunscreen big mistake again.

The sun definitely very powerful at the moment.

Must have been walking around with this burn for a few days or maybe a week at least.


Lost track of time.

Sleeping a lot recently recovering from it and only noticed it properly today.

Amateur mistake.

Moral of the story — wear sunscreen.


Resting and back soon.

Roll on the Gervonta Davis fight this weekend!

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