Joe Biden Reacts To Escalating Domestic Warfare and Shooting Carnage

Joe Biden Reacts To Escalating Domestic Warfare and Shooting Carnage

In the fight news and war news at the moment in the world — there’s a real sense of general mayhem not only in America at the moment — but various parts of the world.

It’s sad what’s happening not only in America but in other parts of the world.

Satan and demons, human beings who follow him and do their evil, are to blame for all the evil in the world in the spiritual warfare going on in the world.

Guns or no guns, it is only getting worse all the time in all aspects.

Across the board.

Things will breakdown soon for various individuals and territories.

That’s for sure.


French Army Depressingly Finally Prove Democracy As Once Defined Is Dead

French Army Depressingly Finally Prove Democracy As Once Defined Is Dead

They will fold and collapse under pressure with no proper foundations and infrastructure in place.

Evil seems to not be even hiding anymore now. Crazy stuff.

It is happening unfortunately even in schools.

Where tragically a number of kids and teachers were shot to death in Texas. Rest in peace. What a sad, dark day for America and the world.

Failing President of the United States, Joseph Biden Jr. has reacted by saying:

Too late Biden.

Under Mr. Biden’s stewardship his administration, as our friends and family in America tell us, have cut back on many things.

Not least the police.

Why not hire retired police, security and armed forces personnel again.

Put them in schools.

To do simple daily checks for gun carriers going into schools and so forth.

A number of States were doing that apparently before the defund the police thing came along.

Which has shown to be devastation.

America and many other parts of the world need God more than ever now. That’s for sure.

This carnage, general mayhem and warfare in world war news will only continue otherwise.

As things really start to escalate now and ramp up.

Ahead of likely a bloody and devastating summer for America and other parts of the world. Horrific times these are. Dark, evil times for the world. Satan and his many demons around the world are not even hiding anymore. They are in for a rude awakening by Jesus Christ who as we all know will save humanity from these evil times at the end. All this bad stuff happening the world today is as a result of the spiritual world with Satan and all his evil followers. 100 per cent. They know how it ends for them. Sooner rather than later. Good always defeats evil.


Ukraine Big Move On NATO Opens Door For War Resolution

Ukraine Big Move On NATO Opens Door For War Resolution

On more stuff too on what is really going on in the world in the background while all this tragic stuff happens all around us.

The below proves these things are now genuinely no longer conspiracy theories, some of them.

Many are now fact.

Informed sentiment and opinion will form this summer.

Faster and faster as time goes on.

Maybe some are too foolishly just ever so slightly overly reliant on a system.

On things or people that can’t save them.

Only God can.

Everything is already paid for by the blood of the lamb.

All ya got to do is believe, try to improve and and try to do the right thing — and keep on keeping on.

One day at a time.

That’s it. Simple. No rocket science and it doesn’t have to be complicated 🙂

His grace and forgiveness is unlimited but time is running out for humans.

If millions of people go missing all of a sudden expect it to be blamed on ‘aliens’ or ‘UFO’s’.

No one knows the day or the hour, maybe it could be a long time away yet — or tomorrow.

Who knows.

But the seven years after that will be the worst ever seen in all of human history.

That’s for sure.

The whole thing is about Israel at the end of the day.

God will defend Israel when it seems impossible from some of the world — but right at the end — that’s when God will make his move.

You see, God’s in the business of miracles.

That’s his business.

That’s what he does.

Since the beginning of time.

All us mere mortal humans can do is our best we guess and try to help one another as best we can in these times.

That said, each to their own, as pertaining to whatever your beliefs are, plenty of good fights to look forward to for all us fight fans at least:


Photos: Volcano Mount Etna Sicily Italy

Photos: Volcano Mount Etna Sicily Italy