Watch: Biden Threatens China With Military Action

Watch: Joe Biden Threatens China With Military Action

In the big fight news in the world at the moment with all the wars going on outside the boxing ring and MMA cage — there is a big one brewing.

The mother of all human fights surely and the pinnacle and master of all war.

Surely of all human history times at least.

A competitive match up between two competitors.


Silly Biden Goon Administration Slumps The Musk Guy Spot On To Vote Republicans

Silly Biden Goon Administration Slumps The Musk Guy Spot On To Vote Republicans

In one corner.


In the other corner.


It has been transparently documented as much for months now.

The back and forth from the Chinese side in particular in the media.

On official verified social media channels.


Tensions over Taiwan.

And other things.

Between the two nation’s military armies could force the two tribes to go to war.

In more ways than one.

Sooner rather than later unfortunately.

The following threat of military action from President Biden to China if they invade Taiwan made today:

Big move.

Remember the date May 23rd, 2022.

It is on.

Thunderbirds are go.

Judging from the above looks like the Japanese army are going to get dragged into this general mayhem too.

It also appears like those fight training exercises in Asia are going to be badly needed soon.

In that region specifically.


Photos: Volcano Mount Etna Sicily Italy

Photos: Volcano Mount Etna Sicily Italy

Isn’t interesting with the world situation of the last few years is no longer relevant in some of the old mainstream news anymore.

Certainly with all the wars going on.

And potential wars starting up soon.

Which cannot be condoned.

Very unfortunate.

Quietly too the World Economic Forum (WEF) meet this week at Davos.

In an interesting jurisdiction, moreover.


Like Singapore, Switzerland always seems to have problems with international law authorities.

It seems the WEF in New York changed their office some time back.

Or were booted out of New York.

Who knows what happened there.

Whatever happened there…

Each to their own.

Maybe the majority of Americans and the free world (both the East and the West) are not content with their ‘Great Reset’ remarks.

Who knows.

Each to their own.


Chinese Government Go After The CIA

Chinese Government Go After The CIA

Coming from an undemocratically elected group of individuals.

Who sometimes remark themselves as ‘leaders’.

Purporting to represent the world’s best interests.

Without being democratically elected.

Notice the companies present this week.

Keep an eye.

And the remarks made by various individuals.

Not limited to CEO’s either.


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The WEF had previously warned in recent years to prepare for an angrier world.

Interesting from them.

It has also been reported that during the last few years world billionaire’s incomes have sky rocketed.

Interesting to see what certain Germans in Switzerland have to say this week.

Keep an eye on the Germans in attendance this week.

Lethal tornadoes in Germany recently.

In astonishing changes of weather.

People suffering heat stroke also in other parts of the continent this week.

Stroke is no joke.

Furthermore, many wealthy people in California suffering from random heat wave fires to their mansions recently.

Out of the blew.

All of a sudden.

Just like that.

Surely that can come to Switzerland and the Swiss too shortly this week or anything can happen in these unprecedented times.

Times that include but are not limited to but include various and more prevalent geographical and diverse battlefields of; international warfare, combat, fighting, significant death, certain unexplained business decline, killing and severe weather changes in the atmosphere.

In certain places.

The art of war is something the Chinese long studied but after today that may be put to the test to see what’s what, who’s who and what they are really all about.

Who knows why the universe works the way it does.

Or why the world is in flames at the moment.

At least some good boxing and MMA fights appear to be on the horizon.

Hoping for the best.

While things are only getting worse in the world — peace wins and fear loses in the end. Amen.

For all us fight fans to look forward to at least some solid fights coming up.

Roll on.

Well done to David Benavidez again this past weekend on a tremendous victory.

Kudos and congrats to him.


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