Ukraine Big Move On NATO Opens Door For War Resolution

In the big fight news in the world at the moment, you know, when you observe some bang on about world peace and ‘global’ solutions — you know they are full of it.

All day.

But, on a sovereign nation by nation basis and on an individual basis, pursuing peace surely legit.

Heard a good saying recently.

Peace wins. Fear loses.

In the ongoing big fight news in the world at the moment the Ukraine saying they are no longer looking to join NATO and compromise on two regions is encouraging:

Moreover, if those EU people let them into the European Union quickly — that’s it then.

That’s the best solution you’ll get outside of nuclear warfare.

If those European Union people really want to help the Ukraine they would step up to the plate and let them into the EU.

Europe and the EU are not mutually exclusive remember.

Two different things but what a move it would be by the EU to show they actually have something about themselves if they let Ukraine into the EU.

As part of some sort of talks or dialogue as part of ending this conflict.