In the big ‘fight news’ in the world at the moment — depressing to see America and some parts of the West continue to collapse and suffer loss in recent weeks in particular.

Tornadoes in Germany, rich people’s houses randomly burning down or catching fire in LA, California and around the world, impending world famine, increasing inflation, crazy climate change and heat waves, wars and more wars, government armies/department of defenses around the world discontent, many expensive cities falling apart and so on, and so forth. Who knows why these things happen and the universe works like it does. No one safe anywhere — that’s for sure.

What next.

Bloody aliens and UFO’s.

Each to their own.

Sad to see America continue to deteriorate and the President’s goon squad’s latest being this:

This too from the BBC America falling to absolute pieces at the moment:

Respectfully, silly Biden. Too much incompetence and divide.

Shrewd Chinese government must have seen a lot of this coming in advance, sadly. Well played by China.

America still a good country but looks like that Musk guy was right to back the Republicans next up as big tech all goes through massive carnage this year, as the world seems like it is in flames, in some ways. Looks like they will be back next up in some shape or form. Subject to terms etc. That’s democracy for ya. Amen.

What’s the bloody alternative otherwise is the question? Seems like Biden is doing everything to shut down America at this stage? Why? Still a good country surely?

Always look on the bright side though and much to be optimistic about.

All day, all day.

Alas, all politics is garbage but surely America as a former leader of the free world know that this current goon administration needs a change.

This crazy fight news in the world with all the wars and new potential wars and fights in Asia concerning for sure.

At least from a boxing fan and UFC and fight fan perspective, lots of action to look forward to soon.

A lot to be grateful for — lots of good fights coming up for all us fight fans at least.


China Finally Proved Right On 1 Thing As Biden Blitzkriegs Democracy

China Finally Proved Right On 1 Thing As Biden Blitzkriegs Democracy

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