China Finally Proved Right On 1 Thing As Biden Blitzkriegs Democracy

You know, ya get back from a week off work and and ya think, ah yeah, ease back into things suppose…

Ah yeah, grand, lets check some of the fight news in the world.


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Boxing, UFC and the real stuff with bullets flying and corpses unfortunately piling up.

The stuff that does the big numbers for any fight news publication etc.

Then you look at the big stuff between America and China lately and the government of China who are barbaric in various quarters, actually — now have been proved right on one thing about America.


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Not all, just a few small things.

Regarding some of the Biden stuff…


Lobbyist Groups Finally Reveal Themselves And Make Huge Mistake

Trying to be objective, impartial.

Boring if you will.

To both sides.

Then you see this from Biden today and — bang — you think — what’s the bloody point of it all sometimes:

What a monstrosity.

Trust was at an all time low anyway from citizens of the world in politicians and institutions.

Now you see the President of America who’s last race, well…

With his competitor remember that guy…

Something that caused general mayhem in his country…

Sorry to bring it up but that thing…

Now you realize Biden has actually being buying fake Twitter followers all along…

Depressing for America.

Sad really.

Can you blame the majority of Americans and a growing list for believing this:

Newsweek and many other highly solid news sources reporting the same thing.

Independently through auditors.

Biden has really blitzkrieg attacked America, democracy and his G7 buddies now today.

And all their Twitter and social media accounts worldwide.

A few things to note here Musk when this Twitter thing goes through and gets done:

  • Define what spam and spam accounts actually is/are.
  • Get a person’s legal name on passport/government ID to be their Twitter handle. Verify everyone. As there’s nowhere near the amount of real people on there it turns out for advertisers. Much of it just bull. Many advertisers will flee Twitter and other networks and flock elsewhere now because of the above today.
  • Speak to Google and other big tech about joining forces in some aspects regarding open ads initiative/ads.txt/coalition for better ads program — plus more.
  • That Indian fella who runs Google seems like a good man. Surely a lot can be improved out of all this above from Biden today.
  • Talk to them about this.
  • This could help Twitter’s UX and financial growth hugely as time goes on.
  • This will increase programmatic ad yields for everyone too and drive up quality of inventory. And eliminate more ad fraud online. Study ads.txt and some of the other bidding exchange programs Google and others are involved in.
  • Google and Facebook will be happy to help. Certainly the former would be — sooner than the latter at least.
  • Verify Western state affiliated media and journalists (don’t just go after the politicians that’s too easy) associated with their different States in which they reside and operate in. Mark this clearly like Google do for French and Germans in the West on YouTube for instance. Not mutually exclusive to EU laws or how they treat the East but more a wider roll out.
  • People are getting scammed by their governments and coerced on a level more than they could even understand.
  • It’s very depressing to see society getting scammed by some of these governments.
  • And people only now catching on to what really is going on.
  • Depressing.
  • Get rid of some of your lawyers at Twitter who may get sued because of the above — personally and individually — because of the above today.
  • That’s it for them.
  • They’ll have to find somewhere else unfortunately after today.
  • Try to be kinder to your engineers and IT people though ya bloody goon ya.
  • That said, certainly the legal team must go after this.
  • The above brings everything into disrepute for Western democracy on all levels.
  • The complicity implications are huge.
  • Blitzkrieg and move fast to cut through the carnage and general mayhem that will unfortunately ensue in a huge number of companies this year.
  • Various employees have left Google in recent months and other big tech players.
  • Or have been politely shown the door.
  • Unfortunately more jobs will have to be lost to clean this mess up.
  • But new ones will be created for better workers (more jobs will come out of all this as things will get better for the tech industry) and better businesses in whichever jurisdictions they chose to operate in after all the mess of today.
  • Biden has broken the trust of the American public and democracy around the world.
  • Speak to the various law authorities in the different States regarding the above.
  • They’ve been shutting him down and his administration quickly recently anyway.
  • See what they did with that disinformation bill.
  • See how many staff at the White House are quitting or fleeing at the moment.
  • Get the picture.
  • Ok.
  • Next up.
  • America and the Department of Defense are at an all time weakest now and China and co must be planning big attacks after today’s divide increase — that it caused.
  • Which wasn’t needed as America was divided enough already.
  • Good news is — loads of new tech platforms will come about because of the above today.
  • As well as making the big ones currently there better.
  • More profitable and more objective.
  • Surely in the short, medium and in the long term.
  • Certainly the employees at Twitter in huge trouble like various other companies at the moment.
  • The above is a real set back for the internet.
  • Maybe the great opportunities of Web 3.0 though.
  • Optimistically speaking.
  • Depressing to see for America though.
  • Once the greatest country in the world — who’s current President just scammed an entire nation.
  • America not alone of course for this garbage fake social media account stuff.
  • Many other countries too.
  • Start with them though.
  • Coordinate all the government employees’ accounts when verifying their accounts on these platforms as well as journalists and media employed by governments.
  • Separate them from independent media platforms.
  • Clearly mark them personally as well as all government accounts’ embassies, offices, departments and such all as state affiliated — so advertisers and users actually know two things.
  • If you are going to separate church from State — then the same goes for media and State.
  • Just connect the dots in their spam messages and times of posts and run a script to see who’s posting the same stuff at the same time etc.
  • To establish:
  • 1 – For advertisers — what bang for their buck they are getting.
  • 2 – Who the heck actually are some of these goons.
  • Another thing Musk — Google, China and much of the East Tick Tock all of them, Facebook and more. Maybe they could coordinate if real humans are posting.
  • You could try to do the following.
  • Run custom scripts to identify pattern recognition for providers like Buffer, Hootsuite etc.
  • Where same topics and hashtags are spamming certain regions.
  • Trace IP addresses from the multitude of various easy and lawful (pending on jurisdiction) ways to run over the perpetrators.
  • Include advertising agencies in this who some of these governments may try to portion blame to when the lawsuits start flying after the above today.
  • You basically want to keep things simple and cut through this stuff like a hot knife through butter.
  • This is surely Web 3.0 on now. It is on now for sure.
  • There are various ad fraud agencies in the US competitors of Twitter, like Google and Facebook — could also now go to report predatory advertising pricing techniques.
  • Based on false numbers and anti consumer business behavior.
  • The customer is always right but turns out half the customers on Twitter don’t even exist from the alleged account of the ‘leader’ of the free world. Farce.
  • Same applies to countries around the world.
  • Could help Google and Facebook in some of the class action stuff, too, at the moment.
  • That said, maybe good if all the big tech coordinated and worked together after the above.
  • They are all blown wide open now after the above today.
  • Good luck ever getting voters in any countries to trust governments again after the above.
  • And their senior and mid level counsel in various governments who advised on the above.
  • They are liable and complicit too.
  • You will then be able to show that Twitter, take that for instance on its own, was just been used by various actors in government to spam or use fake retweets and followers.
  • Then to further compound the lack of organic, genuine activity of their part that has brought democracy into disrepute — offer them a nominal fee.
  • To stay on all these platforms paid monthly minimal cost.
  • If they agree to be genuine and honest that they are marked as ‘state affiliated’ for users to see.
  • Clearly separate them from ‘independent’ media and politicians.
  • And none lobbyist special interest groups. Follow the money and lawyers…
  • The two terms highlighted above surely crucial for international law purposes.
  • And. What’s more. About their followers — where the retweets are coming from and so forth.
  • And why they are bloody scamming and lying to their voters and citizens.
  • They are getting close at this stage to court authorities and armies in some of these countries just ousting politicians soon otherwise.
  • And given mandatory pensions otherwise to stay at home.
  • Have different countries ran by armies, official banks, federal and district courts, civil servants deemed to be honest and nominated court officials — is where this is all going for democracy otherwise.
  • People don’t care about politicians anymore.
  • Any why bloody should they after that above from Biden.
  • Dope.
  • Time and time again over the years these things get worse.
  • Drain the swamp.
  • Clean up the mess.
  • Everyone wins then.
  • Better platforms.
  • A marginally sightly better (still something though, right) society for all humans worldwide.
  • More money for all.
  • This all culminates during the big fight news in the world at the moment.
  • Ukraine Russia crisis where countries are profiteering from it.
  • Like Pfizer made huge profits in the last two years during the world situation.
  • Both 2 big things for humanity that killed many people but it’s just business as usual for some make money from it. At the end of the day. Follow the money and the lawyers…
  • At least this big tech thing might improve things a bit. Even still, that’s something, right?
  • Throw a spanner in the works if you will? Why not? Something to do at least?
  • To show what people are actually voting for and so forth.
  • Culminating in a time period that will have seen ‘woke’ stuff peaked and finally fell in 2022.
  • And corporate media no longer the power it was.
  • As the previous two just divided people more than united them.
  • Welcome to the new age of new mainstream media.
  • Have a nice day.
  • Amen.


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