Watch: Trump Brings Undefeated Boxing Record Lingo 55-0 To America

Trump Brings Undefeated Boxing Record Lingo 55-0 To America

Bit of a random one there the other day.

Was checking the old news in America and all of a sudden all these boxing record type lingo starting appearing on Fox News.

Hadn’t seen that before in the corporate media as regards their use of our lingo from the boxing world.


Kind of amusing.

Light hearted.


Certainly interesting.

It appears old Trump while he might not necessarily be the next President, certainly it looks like there are others in America quietly behind the scenes shaking things up over there.

In a time where Biden and his associates have faltered badly, consistently.

In a time, also, where the real government over there, that actually calls the shots in America behind the scenes, surely — seem to be fed up with the old democrats at this point:

Inflation keeps going up all the time in America.

The chaos looks like it is going to be quite bad over the next number of years over there.

Really bad mayhem and carnage in the last number of weeks there in particular.