Elon Musk Gets Brought Into The War and Big Fight News Again

Elon Musk Gets Brought Into The War and Big Fight News Again

Old Musk is smarter than he looks.

That’s for sure.

The new owner and overlord of Twitter is sometimes unconventional.


Perhaps erratic at times.

Maybe but his heart seems to be in the right place.

That’s the main thing you can ask for any human being on this planet.

And that they try their best.

Nothing more anyone can do than that.

For some reason its always more than enough though.

If that even makes sense.

From our standpoint, old Musk appears to be doing the right things.

In terms of changing some of the digital landscape — but none of us perfect.

Stupid humans. Can never get along. Depresses ya sometimes, trying to help — but main thing is to keep going and keep the faith. God bless us all.

I mean we all are in this world together, right?

That said, old Musk has gotten into it again in the current big fight news in the world:

Don’t worry Musk.

Everything works out in the end.

No worries.

Seen it time and time again etc. etc. etc.

You’d be surprised.

Some wise individuals once said there is way more people in heaven than in hell.

As in, way more percentage and ratio wise (way more — hell was not built for humans).

Out of all the people that ever existed since the beginning of time, too.

Think about how big a number that is.

That’s something to be optimistic about.

What’s the alternative.

And yes, there always has to be an alternative in anything. Why wouldn’t there be?

Water and fire.

Day and night.

Grass green.

Sky is blue.

What logic would there be not having an alternative to something in?

Etc. etc. etc. you try to break this down and educate some time and time again, over the years, and keep coming back again and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, sometimes — but some just never learn ?

That’s okay. No need to get down about it anymore.

Anyway, best to stick with fight news on here.

Same people used to say even at the last moment of death itself, even in those few seconds, for those who have experienced it, even then, you still have a choice.

This life is only short and we are only all just passing through but heaven is forever and eternal. Have a good one but never get too fond of this world always the best policy. Death is the beginning. Life is good but heaven is everything and is great.

Each to their own.

In this big fight news in the world — seems like things are not going to go back to more reason anytime soon.

No matter the effort some do to try to create stability and less animosity.

Some just don’t bloody get it nor ever will… Too bad but life goes on.

Went off the rails and nearly checked out myself recently after some grieving for people and a place don’t know if will see again in this life and always thought would settle there but no more. Will settle in the sun still though can’t beat the good weather all day, all day 🙂

We’ll meet again one day though. That’s for sure.

Can see why now maybe God closed that door now though, even could still go, for the best not to, as protecting from going there surely with all the chaos starting in America once again it seems in recent weeks.

Doesn’t look good what’s to come over there to be fair.

At all.

Anyway, life is all about moving on, and settling down always a good thing and having a base finally.

New motivations and goals to try to strive for and provide for.

But heck, it ain’t over until its over 🙂

Keep the faith.

Don’t worry.

Everything works out in the end.

No worries.

You’ll see.

Let the real fighting to the big guy.


He always knows best.

He always, always is victorious at everything — more than you even think. Not always easy (to live is to somewhat suffer no matter what that’s part of life for every human that’s ever lived) but keep on keeping on, and stick around, and you’ll see. The best is yet to come. By far. Not about religion or religions don’t know what those man made concepts even mean. Surely God thinks different to all us humans. Always has. His son Jesus Christ only way we know to get to God is through him but everyone has different beliefs. And that’s okay too.

Each to their own.

What the heck do us stupid mere mortal fight fans know anyway!

Hopefully this Russia Ukraine crisis passes soon.

Please God.

Kudos again to Bivol on amazing win in boxing at the weekend.

Big respect to Alvarez too who surely will be back stronger as per usual.