China Must Be Laughing Their Heads Off At Some Of Western Democracy

China Must Be Laughing Their Heads Off At Some Of Western Democracy

You know, after only briefly reading up on some of this garbage (absolute calamity) politics clown stuff the last year for the first time, moving on from it soon. Just chilling in the sun in Southern Italy watching on at the chaos of it all. Same old same old etc. etc. etc. We don’t know anything.

Seems like around 10 per cent of all politicians are any bit ethical. The rest just puppets.

Maybe a higher percentage of good in civil servants.


But again — puppet controlled.

Who’s to say if there is democracy anymore (in some places okay maybe in some maybe not in others).

Eventually the vote will probably go online.

Or at least be more numerically transparent.

After recent years in the West.

China while in the big fight news in the world at the moment were cracked well in their domestic markets recently.

That said, long term they must be laughing their heads off seeing some of the West unravel like it has.

America and some of the West just starting to rip itself apart now.


Some of these EU fellas are still promoting a dwindling organization. Only now are they looking to take Ukraine into the EU — in some sort of stupid opinion poll next month.

What about all the carnage and mayhem you would have saved.

If you just left Ukraine into the bloody thing straight away?

Could easily have done that.

It looks like in the long run the UK will be right to leave the thing — but the thing this — how it done so has been a bit of a calamity.

The UK is winding down and coming to an end from a financial perspective as being any bit of a power in the world.

Some great people and certainly great boxing and boxing fans but as a country it is really coming to a dramatic end now.

Looks like countries all around the world are giving respect to the huge win for a woman in the elections in Northern Ireland. Kudos to that woman from Sinn Fein.

Strangely countries around the world recognize it except for Irish government individuals. Kudos to that lady in Northern Ireland who appears to have got the world talking about a united Ireland.

Except for some of the Irish government establishment.

That’s it for them. Time to hit the road.

Naturally, they’ll have to go at some point.

All of those Fianna Fail and Fine Gael people.

All of them must go and must be removed at some point down the road.

You’d suspect all the business people around the world, even police, army, hospitals and all front line staff are sick of how they have treated the Irish people for the last 50 years.

Well, in due course they’ll just have no more support.

Just give them some, don’t know, some pay check pension things or something to keep them quiet. They had a good run but no more use now.

Great win for that lady in Northern Ireland from Sinn Fein.

Now the Scottish even want out of the UK/British Empire thing (again all of a sudden wow).

Even now the opposition candidates to the Boris Johnson guy also piping up that they are going to quit too over some frivolous joke of a thing beer gate or some crap.

Do us a favor.

What next.

Someone gives someone a high five without wearing a mask and they fired?

Everyone just human beings.

Maybe if politicians admitted their mistakes more people would not have such an all time low trust in them and their institutions.

How you cancel cancel culture is exactly by doing that.

Getting politicians and their puppet masters like Soros and co to start acting more like human beings.

Like the rest of us.

That Irish prime minister dude Michael Martin seemed like he was doing that for a while in this regard.

Unfortunately he didn’t pass the test in the end.

Naturally, he’ll have to go as well.

At some point.

Same with Biden.

They both had good runs but that’s it for them. What you’ll see anyway is people in some of these countries just not accepting them as leaders anymore anyway at some point. Regardless. Guaranteed.

That’s just the way its got to be.

That Irish fella has really created a big cost of living crisis under his stewardship.

That’s it for him.

Started reading up on some of this West and East stuff more only the last year.

Also after boxing legend he we all know Manny Pacquiao is running for Filipino President.

Looks like some incompetent voting system over there has him behind in the polls.

Behind some dictator fella. Shows you the East has same problems as the West. Anyway, the great Filipino people will surely have the appropriate response and support him.

Due course due course etc. etc.

Don’t mind what the economists say about growth. All that stuff is subject to change at the drop of a hat.

They’ve been wrong about so much over the last few years.

Interest rates put back up by the fed.

How do you think that will play out.


See Biden’s misinformation bill got shut down within days by the feds too. Man, that government over there must really despise him and all the democrats now.

They have lost now in their battle to win the public’s trust back.

That Obama guy said it well recently.

There’s no going back now. This crap show is only just to get worse. Watch and see. People of the world far more powerful than some of these politicians now. Civilization wins in the end.

In a way, life is a good for all us regular people.

But the crap some of these politicians and civil servants keep getting into, and now their puppet masters even too, only getting worse (for them and not us — the majority of regular people around the world).

Certainly as times goes on.

A lot of chaos in the big fight news in the world at the moment and some poor old European union diplomats nearly got blown to kingdom come today on their visit to Ukraine.

Its going to end in tears at some point for some of these Western politicians and their personal security etc.

Dear or dear.

Look after yourselves people.

Power to the people.

Seems like social norms no longer exist in some aspects with the chaos going on in the world now.

Everything is out the window now.

Maybe changing the term politics to a term like — the weird and wonderful world of humanity might be better.

All humans’ weird and wonderful in their own ways. Stuff is all fooked up now in the world. Seems like things are getting out of hand with all the wars and fight news all over the shop.

Over to you — media and billionaire tech companies and co.

Good day to you.


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