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Big Tech Go After China Now As President Xi Clown Next

Each to their own and so forth as regards operating systems like socialism and communism but with respect, those two just don’t bloody work.

They never have and never will.

This from the Chinese government at the moment as their state economy goes into absolute beat down mode all you need to know:

Sure, they’ve been sending money to Singapore for years. That’s nothing new. Singapore is kind of like the Switzerland of Asia.

Always up to stuff with money but they are a small country Singapore. They can exist without the Chinese money and they can go to America if they want for business or other countries in Asia and Europe.

They don’t need to be so reliant on China all the time. Move on from China, Singapore. It will be better for your economy surely with what is happening in China.

China and Asia, great, tremendous countries and people of course (some of the best people you’d meet), but some of the stuff that the Chinese government are doing is below reproach, and, not very cool.

To put it mildly.

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