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Big Tech Go After China Now As President Xi Clown Next

Respect to the US marines and so forth, grand.

They keep people safe which is important but that said — hopefully elements of their stupid, slow, dumb, not very bright, simpleton, halfwit bloody government (will you bloody wake up Biden you nincompoop — with the greatest of respect man) don’t get them killed or blown to smithereens by China over there — in one aspect of the big fight news in the world going on at the moment.

Yes, we all know about the tragic Russia Ukraine crisis at the moment — which has brought the East and the West together like never before.

But another thing happening between the East and the West keeps going unnoticed, strangely.

The ongoing back and forth between the US and China governments (well mostly from the Chinese side to be fair) in the continued tense relations between the two — is operating in the background (almost) in the big fight news in the world.

Particularly over some territories in Asia and so forth.

So much so that the US and Japan are doing fight exercises all the time over there — and hardly anyone is even talking about it.

As regards the Indo Pacific region:

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