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Big Tech Go After China Now As President Xi Clown Next

In one aspect of some of the ‘fight news’ in the world at the moment following the recent changes in big tech, medium and small tech too, worldwide — a lot is changing in the world at the moment.

One strange element however that had gone under the radar a tad, until now, was some of the special interest ‘groups’ and ‘activists’ involvement in said alleged activity.

Whatever those terms mean — to be fair.

They tend to change all the time and differ from time to time.

Basically, sometimes known as but not limited to individuals who try to influence various companies.

Sometimes they do this through advertising.

Other times that may do this in more subtle ways as regards big tech, pharmaceuticals etc.

Behind the scenes.

This however now reveals who many of these people behind the scenes in the world actually are (hat tip to the Mail in the UK for this great reporting):

Check mate. Game over. Nice work by The Mail to be fair.

Any companies receiving letters from such alleged purported individuals or entities should think very carefully about things.

Due diligence on the root motivations of these individuals and entities being key.

In the big fight news in the world at the moment some of these dangerous individuals potentially trying to harm society and people of the world by various indirect or sometimes known as, but not limited to, direct coercive practices, or other forms of accusing, deception and distraction — need to be watched.

Particularly some of these strange con artist Hungarian and British individuals who may not in fact have many ties or be living in their home countries anymore. Keep an eye.

If they think they are safe — they are badly mistaken. The world is in a state of war now with the Russia Ukraine crisis.

That, climate change and the pandemic surely the three biggest things of all our lifetimes and this generation in the 21st century.

All three affect everyone and all of humanity and business. No matter where anyone is based. Guaranteed. Just check the markets at the moment.

Corporate America and corporations in the East and West won’t be deceived again by some of the above.

As pertaining to one aspect in the above story, on a scientific note, interesting to see Pfizer’s data dump recently.

Basically, showing that their experimental vaccines were not in fact as effective as they thought they would be in a document with thousands of pages.

In the end, it was also scientifically shown that natural immunity does in fact work (how so many people were scammed in some aspects was beyond belief):

Particularly given the fact that many governments in the world now are signing into law recently — and as we speak — that mandating vaccines is unacceptable and goes against science to do so.

Not surprised this would happen…

It would be interesting to see how many Pfizer employees took the vaccine in the end — also.

Given their huge profits over the last two years or so.

Check the numbers. Follow the money.

Had nothing against the vaccine in the beginning — zero against them — to be fair.

Thought it was a good thing, initially.

But now, heck now — glad I didn’t get it in the end. Basically the net gains and benefit would have been nothing.

No chance now. No way after the above and recent developments.

Particularly after passing what is nearly 7-10 PCR/antigen tests (have lost count at this stage) worldwide at this point.

Here endeth the lesson.

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