Twitter Surges In Growth Big Tech Can Stop World War III and Save Countries From Nuclear Destruction, Families From Being Incinerated and Burned Alive

We don’t get into politics for the most part as it’s just a load of garbage really at its base.

Some seem to think everything is about politics though in this big fight news in the world at the moment.

Not really.

Whether the hilarious information wars confined to petty human arguments.

Or the actual blood bath and carnage going on in the Russia Ukraine war.

There’s always something isn’t there.

That’s life.

At any rate, since Elon Musk has acquired Twitter the platform is experiencing a huge growth in new users.

It is growing beyond belief like never before.

Right and left and all politics is garbage and he is spot on here:

He needs to watch the various laws though. Once he gets the right lawyers in the different jurisdictions this will clean everything up. All day. Easy work.

Interesting this on the Biden guy and his son’s business dealings in various countries and his laptop as relating to all these business arrangements with some countries:

Look these Democrat fellas would need an absolute miracle at this point to not get the boot.

They know it too. Obviously.

America are more on their own in the world now in some ways than in the country’s history than ever before. That’s it for them.

The US army has taken a real beating over the last year or so in particular. A vicious beating to many of the country’s resources since leaving Afghanistan — the catalyst unfortunately. That being said, the department of defense still has some use in the world and can still do a lot of good.

Why there is only two parties in the elections anyway is crazy in America and why should people have to take sides with one or the other. Stupid system. There will be no more systems or talk anyway if this World War III kicks off soon ?

As regards America, it’s like the country now is set up to be divided.

United we stand divided we fall expression — comes to mind.

As regards this Musk guy and this Twitter thing, basically, look, it will set a new legal precedence for the internet and big tech. Look some jobs will probably be lost in some places but that’s life the world has to come first if people don’t want to comply with this new Web 3.0 thing or whatever you want to call it. That’s just the way it’s got to be and that’s how it is.

For the good of the people. All people. For the good of the world. For the good of the universe.

The lobbyist groups and special interest groups will just have to get crippled and stomped on in court by corporate America and all private industry in the East and the West if they get in the way. Or ignored and dealt with afterwards. Don’t need them in this new roll out for big tech and the world anyway. Moving on.

This move by Musk not will, not in the future, but already has and is changing everything in the big tech world. For the better.

Easily and without effort. People power the world at the end of the day. Just regular average Joes are more powerful now than ever before in Earth’s history. That’s the truthful reality of it right now.

Countries that don’t comply with appropriate new business terms and conditions with some of these Twitter and new platform things will make big, medium and small tech just have to open their offices in new countries instead — unfortunately.

That’s business. That’s life.

And invest elsewhere and even more jobs will have to be sacrificed and lost unfortunately for the greater good. Nothing to do with EU laws either — can just supersede them and deal with the individual countries’ constitutions and sovereign nation laws on a sovereign nation by nation basis if EU get in the way (they won’t though). Push them aside if they do. Can’t be accommodated if they don’t comply with new terms and heads of terms of new business and new policies by big tech and the private industry of the world East and West (not just corporate America this thing with Twitter and all the other new companies is hitting everywhere and everyone as we speak).

That’s business. That’s life. Don’t worry πŸ™‚ It is only for the good of the people and for the good of the world and the universe anyway πŸ™‚

The world has changed now and there won’t be anything left if World War III kicks off soon anyway, will there. Many countries — especially the smaller easier targets would just get incinerated over night if that happened. Think about it logically. Completely destroyed otherwise with nuclear weapons and arms within seconds unfortunately. People would just be burned alive by some of these weapons and family homes would be levelled within seconds. Quite soon too. Much sooner than you think if this new World War kicks off. Seriously. Think about it.

This Musk thing however and big tech will make the tensions in the world a little bit less fractious. Everything helps. All tech is now key. More than ever.

That’s how competition and the free market works unfortunately. Best of any systems humans could come up with in the end. Pure socialism and Communism are disasters.

Hopefully all countries and governments abide by these new terms and conditions or else…

That’s the reality of it.

That said, Twitter worldwide and all tech worldwide will continue to sky rocket in growth.

Can’t be stopped.


After this.


This interesting that the Trump guy in America doesn’t even want to use Twitter again in that regard and on the Apple store is surging in growth too:

This Signal thing seems to be the next big thing also across the world at the moment:

All these new things and trends are only just going to grow and get stronger in the new main stream media world.

Can’t take sides with anyone of course.

But important to try to call things as you see them — as they change on a daily basis.

To be fair to everyone.

Who cares about teething problems in the roll out of all this new Web 3.0 stuff, it is on now, how dare you ?

It’s all about the good of the world.

No matter what way you slice or dice it.

At the end of the day.

This says it all from a data perspective — freedom of respectful speech and a bit of common sense in the middle is all that is needed Musk:

The future is bright πŸ™‚

Don’t worry everything works out in the end. All will be grand etc. etc. no worries.

All day, all day.


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