In recent days in the big fight news at the moment in the world — the free world (both East and West) has continued to gather steam in support of Ukraine.

Many Embassies are going to open up again soon in Ukraine also many countries are saying at the moment.

See where things are going? 🙂


Photos: Venice, Italy - One Of The World's Most Beautiful Cities

Photos: Venice, Italy – One Of The World’s Most Beautiful Cities

The 21st century’s biggest event by far has unfolded in recent months and anyone who thinks they are safe in the coming years from anything similar, no matter where they are, are wrong.

Ask China about it.

They are seeing the brutal reality and consequences on a daily basis right across mainland China with their economy smashed to pieces like never before. A real beatdown right across China at the moment for sure. Surely could get much worse over in China though.

While America are no longer the super power of the world and obviously are hugely stupid in many areas — they still carry a lot of weight and the (many, many) good people still left there in the US — are still smarter than a lot of people.

This is so true from the Department of Defense Austin for instance:

A lot of countries are doubling down in their support of Ukraine worldwide as every day goes on now.

Not Germany — in all areas though.

Germany are by far the last major economic greed merchants who are still sending billions every month to Russia for gas and energy.

During this war and as we speak. Right now. This second.

Most other countries have simply said no to Russia’s demands in this regard in gas and energy.

Not Germany. Stupid German government.

The summer is coming now anyway and less need for their energy — and reserves can surely hold for after the summer — which gives time for a new supplier to be acquired properly across Germany.

Just say no Germany. Simple.

Many other countries are doing so and anyway with the crazy heat here on the continent of Europe has been getting weather wise in recent years — all will be grand.

No worries.

Once Germany stop enabling some of this gas and energy madness that Russian currency will nose dive like never before.

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