In the big fight news in the world at the moment outside of boxing and UFC with bullets flying and bombs being dropped all over the shop — a lot of new talk of nuclear weapons and World War III has come about in recent days.

Across various media outlets in both the East and West.

Unfortunate and cannot be condoned or encouraged.


The World's Stupidest Government Germany Last Big Problem In Russia Ukraine Crisis

The World’s Stupidest Government Germany Last Big Problem In Russia Ukraine Crisis

Something in this mix not being talked about yet is regarding the Japanese and American armies in particular in Asia.

While quite about it (at the moment) — they know about all the carnage that could take place soon in Asia very soon.

Certainly some parts of it.

Not least in Taiwan — which is becoming a bigger problem by the day for America as China continues to eye it — (timed more so during the recent Russia Ukraine crisis):

Hopefully things improve soon in these war times.

Hopefully the fights can be left take place in boxing and UFC where they belong.

Not among stupid politicians, blood soaked streets and battlefields, family homes levelled and body parts of innocent humans scattered everywhere.

No good.

Certainly the US Department of Defense and State department — will have to keep some of these politicians, policemen and US government employees in check themselves now — if things get worse for the world and America. They’ll just have to basically. No other choice. Dialogue and sensible diplomacy crucial surely in this stuff in Taiwan.

And some parts of Asia.

As America will need its army and department of defense more than ever.

There will be no more politicians, policemen, courtrooms, diplomats, civil servants, judges, lobbyists or special interest groups then unfortunately if everything kicks off.

Just martial law with tanks patrolling the streets. You’re just left with the old army and state department then running things then unfortunately to minimize causalities and loss of life.

Surely no one wants that?

Hopefully all this new World War III talk and nuclear weapons talk can settle down soon.

At the end of the day everything will be grand surely.

Always look on the bright side of life and keep smiling and laughing 🙂

No worries 🙂

Future is bright.

Seems like all this big fight news in the world at the moment is going to come to an end soon.


Somewhat of a resolution at least.


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