Taylor vs Serrano big fight in New York this weekend (kudos and much respect to both ladies this weekend and looking forward to it too — nothing against the fight) but if you’re a genuinely, real, avid boxing and fight fan this weekend — and you love your sweet science — Shakur Stevenson vs Oscar Valdez has everything a boxing fan would want in a fight. It really does. It’s all about the fights. They need to make it easier for people to sign up to some of these things to watch the fights live though in some countries. Seriously. The highlights good too but boxing still has a lot to do in terms of a better job of educating the user of some of these streaming things in countries around the world how to buy and watch the fights lawfully.


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It really is the best fight so far in boxing this year in my own view. Each to their own.

Skill, heart, speed, power, resilience, championship caliber will to win by both protagonists.

What’s more, both appear to have trained freakishly for this contest.

A serious omen for intensity of combat ahead, surely.

Granted, there are bullets flying and bombs being dropped in the Russia Ukraine war at the moment.


But, if you want to see the bullets and bombs fly and drop where they should be doing, in the boxing ring — this weekend has it all between these two and is the fight for you:

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