In the big fight news in the world at the moment UK economy is really burning in flames at the moment.

Quite badly.

Amid spiraling inflation as a result of many macro economic factors.

Certainly not helped by the Russia Ukraine war.

The thing is though…


Photos: Derry Northern Ireland Trip Birth Place Of Boxer John Duddy

Photos: Derry Northern Ireland Trip Birth Place Of Boxer John Duddy

The UK while fundamentally maybe right to leave the EU and still are, may now, in fact, have been fundamentally wrong — on the detail and terms to do so — being spoken about here by the Financial Times (hat tip – excellent finance publication):

It appears the UK is set for a huge downturn and massive recession in their economy shortly.

Maybe worse than anywhere but certainly, if things were to go wrong above, it would get much worse. Trade deals around the world for the UK would go up in smoke over night:

The US at the drop of a hat could pull the plug on the UK.

Regarding the above.

Without effort in truth. Things could easily get a million times worse. If the UK loses support from the US within as little as six to twelve months.

Where what would result would be total turmoil, complete annihilation and destitution for all parts of the UK. Right across the country. As it simply would not be able to cope shortly with the economics of what would follow. No way. The trade and chaos it would cause for the UK and all people in the UK would be worst than anything imaginable. Since the world began. Quite quickly in the next six to twelve months too. Soon.

Certainly would be unfortunate too.

As the UK always over the years has provided great boxing shows for all us fight fans and of course many great people. But in the big fight news in the world if the above what the FT suggests comes to fruition, that’s it for them then. Unfortunately the UK and Britain economy would be ended. Finished completely without a chance of recovery.

Since the Russia Ukraine war started, it changed the economic scope but not necessarily international law scope of Brexit. Think about it. Brexit was negotiated in pre war times. Before the Russia Ukraine war.

The Russia Ukraine war changed everything in economies around the world.

It really did.

The biggest thing humanity has witnessed in the 21st century so far.

Landscape has changed now.

The Russia Ukraine war changed many aspects and verticals of many economies in the East and the West.

Certainly if certain people chose to turn off the tap and support for the UK that would be it then for them.

At the drop of a hat.

Let’s hope calmness and law and order prevails.

Amicable tranquility and prosperity in Northern Ireland is surely what is most vital and precedence.

Above anything in terms of what the FT speak about above.

The Boris Johnson guy who probably isn’t the worst to be fair, with that being said, he was warned only once here below — maybe next time there won’t be a warning economically speaking (see what happened the DOW Jones over night — anything can change in the drop of a hat) — if things were put in jeopardy:

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