Happy Easter Sunday.

In the big fight news in the world at the moment, America, while still somewhat an overall good country in terms of what is left of it, certainly with many, many good people there — but in terms of where it stands in the world now — has seen a seismic shift take place since the Russia Ukraine war commenced this year.

Unparalleled and unprecedented in American and world civilization.


Stunning Cuban Fight Beauty Grabs Attention At WWE

Stunning Cuban Fight Beauty Grabs Attention At WWE

More so than surely any members of the US department of defense — or anyone — could have saw coming.

Moreover, in recent years, China have been building all the time.

The Chinese government appear to no longer have any concern regarding the US military anymore — year of the tiger:

Think about it.


That’s right.

There is no sober minded way the above would have happened a few years ago.

No way.

No chance.

This not a bad point either — taking into account the above — on the whole:

Some more food for thought, furthermore:

All in all, certainly the future of America is precarious at best — but the future of humanity worldwide overall — is still bright.

That’s for sure.

The recent escalation in crime and violence in recent weeks in America in particular will only escalate in the years ahead.

It’s getting much worse, all the time, in truth.


George Foreman On Who Was Better Muhammad Ali or Ray Robinson

George Foreman On Who Was Better Muhammad Ali Or Ray Robinson

While the current administration may have tried to paper over the cracks of the destabilization of America in recent times, what you’ll probably see in the years ahead, is certainly some more civil unrest as well as a change from the Democrats to something else.

In this new world, now that has formed and taken shape — where the East and West have now properly formed and converged.

Precepted in large part from the world changing from the Russia Ukraine war over the last few months.

An occurrence, which, due to its geographic location and economic importance between East and West, has blown everything else out of the water on Earth.

It is easily the biggest event that has taken place for humanity in the 21st century.


Maybe like never before since the world began has the East and West come together like they have now.

In many aspects.

In the big fight news in the world at the moment.

For the world it will still always be important to have the good that exists in America, having some sort of ethical input on things, though, surely, for as long as America is still relevant in the world, at least.


Chinese State Affiliated Media Go On The Attack Against America

Chinese State Affiliated Media Go On The Attack Against America

Socialism or Communism simply don’t work in the end.

Society has shown that time and time again.

While history might repeat itself a small bit, not always, it should be noted, does it, either.

And, moreover, it is only useful if mistakes are learned from.

In the end, things and people get a little bit better (overall) as time goes on.

Improvements in increments.

Year after year.

Decade after decade.

Generation after generation.

Certainly, if you study Venezuela, while socialism seemed a good idea in the beginning there, it caused havoc there after a while.

In the end good always overcomes evil.

We know this of course.

No worries 🀣

All can change at the drop of a hat, without effort or any challenge in reality, for the good people of the world.

Good people around the world appear to be stronger than ever.

Way more good than bad in the world.

For sure.

The future is bright.

Better than you might even think.

Seen it time and time again.


When one door closes another one opens.

But you must walk through the door.

Surely the world is at that point now where the direction of the world has now being decided upon — to be walking forward into the light of good.

Doing good for the whole world and humanity.

The human being can come back from anything.

Man has, and always will, survived and comeback from even the darkest, most traumatic and heart wrenching of things.

Seen it time and time again. Always the way.

The world will be fine.

No worries.

Not a bother.

New beginnings.

Team humanity πŸ™‚

All day, all day.

Happy Easter πŸ™‚

Well done to Spence and Baumgardner on the big wins in boxing this weekend by the way! Looking forward to catching up on the highlights of both.


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