What up.

Recovering from that drug psychosis bit by bit still.


Heavy enough.

Possibly was spiked earlier in the week before that too. Lost track of days and time but am doing good again. Relocating to Poland or Italy soon. Need to work on being more sociable and communication skills after all this carnage the last few years but will be grand. Hopefully finally back in the gym soon too have had little access to the gym in recent months on the trip back to Ireland.

Went for a walk today and was a bit light headed. Bit of a headache and pain in the head. Odd.

Should be back around next week hopefully and just drinking a lot of water and detoxing.

Back on this site next week some time and starting a new site and app soon too in crypto totally separate from this.

With no more America now in life, had to come up with a new plan for life for the first time in the last five years or so.

As really everything was about trying to settle down in America all these years. Moving on now.

Had been thinking about Poland for a while anyway if things didn’t work out for now.

Seems like a good move to settle. Can always head back to Italy if it gets too cold 🙂 Who knows maybe some interrailing in Slovakia and Austria too for a brief holiday after all these years of chasing America thinking would settle down in America.

Love Poland though, met so many great Polish people these last few years it has been amazing.

Cost effective country, great people and weather in summer at least and a very good place for all things tech start ups too — for many over the last few years — have heard great things only.

Still recovering at home in Ireland for now though. Love Ireland but not the weather or crazy cost of living. Time to permanently settle down somewhere else with a bit better weather soon. Poland or Italy to settle down time now with no more America in life after all these years chasing the USA and thinking would settle down there. Not to be.

On the bright side though, despite the brain being in agony with headaches at the moment passed another covid test (must be between 5 to 7 worldwide covid or antigen tests passed now internationally thankfully) recently and blood tests, so am in perfect physical health at least. The brain and head in a lot of agony at the moment head aches but back soon.

A very happy Easter and enjoy the weekend.

Hope to be back soon. Sorry about not being able to work much at the moment. Underestimated how serious this psychosis may have been. Brain in a lot of actual head ache pain at the moment. Back as soon as I can but properly resting this thing now after today.

Heavy heart. So many years putting life on hold for America always thought I would settle down there. Not to be. Just have to pick somewhere else to base and settle down now. 34 today and it’s like starting life from scratch.

Completely over again.

It’s like what now.

What the heck do I do now. All will be good though. No matter what. I know that of course.

Maybe since getting baptized in Mexico before last Christmas I am still a bit young mentally now. In my twenties or something. Getting baptized did something for sure. Something definitely happened. Can’t explain it. Maybe best to be around young people for a while these next few years. We’re all only human and even in these crazy times the best is yet to come. For sure. Team humanity, all day, all day.

Back soon.


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