Dear readers,

Quick update.

Took the news of the visa refusal for America last week not great. Went off the rails no idea where or what happened but ended up in hospital getting diagnosed with drug induced psychosis.

Went further than hurting myself and wanting to be hurt/punished (only after drugs) I think this time, and was close to suicide.

Can’t touch any drug ever again and alcohol is a danger point as it can lead to drugs. I’m crazy enough anyway without drink or drugs 🤣

Life over the last 4 years through the pandemic was all geared about going to America for this website and although I can still go back to America if I want, for now at least, not under the terms one of their particular visa’s required.

So guess need to come up with a new plan in life now.

Thanks for your support of our website as always.

Good weekend of fights by the looks of it.

Back soon. Getting well again.



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