One thing it is interesting to note.

In the big fight news in the world.

Is that some social media and tech companies are still catching up a tad –with certain countries (East and West worldwide) in terms of correctly highlighting if media is ‘state-affiliated’ or not.

For instance, why don’t they say RTE in Ireland is State affiliated.

BBC in the UK is state-affiliated in fairness.

Same with CNN in the US being US-state affiliated.

But they have the Chinese media ranked (correctly) as the following here by Twitter for example:

Next step for Twitter is to label CNN as ‘US state-affiliated media’.

BBC as ‘UK state-affiliated media’.

RTE as ‘Irish state-affiliated media’.

To be fair to all parties.

People are just people.

Places are just places.

Media organizations are just media organizations.

Old mainstream and new mainstream alike.

As pertaining to the above.

Certainly the Chinese media are upping their attack now on America from all angles.

Old lady Speaker Pelosi confirmed to be sick at the moment.

They are trampling on her above now while sick and threatening her if she travels to Taiwan.

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