Final Update On US Visa Can Apply Again But Not Going To Bother No More Moving To America Now Moving On Time To Settle Down

Final Update On US Visa Can Apply Again But Not Going To Bother No More Moving To America Now Moving On

What’s going on.

Quick update for our readers.

So, finally got the US visa interview last Tuesday in Dublin, Ireland.

See below:

The guy, some Consular incompetent said that I needed to keep an office open over here in Ireland for the ‘I Visa’ while over in America — which was bogus and a precarious technicality he got me on.

Anyway, even after I said cool, let’s open an office and what’s next so, he said that’s it for today and although I can apply again, the negative attitude of the guy trying to trip me up was all I needed to know. To that bum Consular officer in Dublin, yeah, I ain’t reapplying you chump. Better luck next time go waste someone else’ time you jabronies. You can keep your garbage foreign press visa now too. New main stream media is already the past, present and future of sports entertainment today anyway.


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Don’t want their visa now and am not a yes man for anyone or for any government! No way!

Moving back to Italy ๐Ÿ™‚ Should have never left there a few years ago they were right! Anyway, back I go.

Time to settle down now and a fresh start. The only place in the world have ever been able to find the only coffee I can drink too, Ginseng coffee! (the greatest coffee in the history of the world!)

After so many years chasing America thinking that’s where I would eventually settle, putting my whole life on hold for years for it, yes a heavy knock this week.

That said, not going to waste anymore time now with people like the US Dublin Embassy. Adios. Anyway let’s try to keep it classy and life is all about moving on ๐Ÿ™‚ The future is bright ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t need people like that and they need me much more than I need them, respectfully and without ego.

Over a year ago in Istanbul had three appointments rearranged and cancelled due to the pandemic closing their Embassy down over there (happened to a lot of other people too) for same category of Visa.

At the time Turkey was one of the only places with no travel ban in the world to America due to the pandemic.

Have been to America 6/7 times since I was 23 on ESTA (90 day visa waiver program) but the last time in LA airport in early 2021 Homeland Security said I had outgrown the program through my work and needed a visa now.

Here is the official documentation (there’s way more stuff and official US government docs and so forth can share but not going to bother, moving on now) — those senior staff of Homeland Security in LA are brilliant people by the way, big respect to them:

They said needed a visa to go back (see below) and welcome anytime in America (and always will be) once I had a visa.

So that appointment this week from their Dublin Consular officer above is it for these American people over here in Ireland now. That’s it for them. Although can reapply again, he can keep his damn visa that Consular. Don’t need him or his colleagues at his US Dublin Embassy. We will be bigger than ever now. Moving on now. 34th birthday next week April 15th looking forward to it ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Passover to all our Jewish readers also on that day too as well in advance!

In conclusion, the Republican party in the United States will return to power in America in the next election.

This was just God’s way of protecting me maybe from the constant growing divided nature that has engulfed the US in recent decades.

No more moving to America now. Italy it is. Time to settle down now. After all the ups and downs, self harm, pointing the trigger of pain back at me to save others from unleashing it on them, and dark points over the last number of years (more good sober days too though!), doing better than ever now and stronger than ever. Don’t need alcohol, substances or anything. The future is going to be huge. Huge I tell ya. Huge.

Finally, on the US appointments, just briefly, after having other appointments be wrongly scheduled by the US in Mexico, and another one cancelled in Ireland last year, going to put a line through this thing now once and for all.

No more America now and was a heavy hit as the dream was to always to move there since I was around 23 as where big opportunities in boxing and big fights are but you know what, those Dublin Embassy people needed me much more than I need them (without ego). That’s the truth and reality of it.


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I am not and never will be a yes man for the US government or anyone, and not going to work and live in a country, although a great country for work and being around some of my friends who are like family to me (and always will be)…

Sorry I had to shout at a few of you, my friends in America this week on the phone, just had to do it as need to move on now for me and everyone.

It will be better this way. We’ll meet again one day no worries.

But not moving to a country now where some strange group of government strangers could have any power over what I say on here or on other publications, tell me what to do and so forth. Or any subtle influence or control of my stay there at all. No way. No chance. Don’t wear suits or ties either. Can’t work for anyone at this stage of my life to be fair as have been in this tech entrepreneurship thing too darn long now. Forging ahead even stronger now with our small but great team of tech partners.

34 next week also and so many years chasing America and thought maybe I’d end up settling down in America one day putting my whole life on hold for years.

Not to be.

God must have even bigger plans and protecting me again. I don’t question God anymore.


Love conquers all

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Heavy set back this week but will be bigger than ever from this.

Still going to keep this website open for now of course.

But frankly need a new challenge as the working remotely thing on here isn’t enough of a challenge anymore in truth.

Heading back to Italy soon and will settle there.

Going to start a new website/app project too but will be on here everyday as well.


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Thanks as always for all your support, everyone, my readers on this fight site.

As well as to my tech partners around the world.

Just a setback but as usual — for an even bigger comeback.

New beginnings now and a fresh start.

The future is bright for the world and humanity overall!

Citizens of the world will be okay in the end!

Team humanity, all day, all day! Back soon ๐Ÿ™‚


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