In the big fight news in the world the obvious prior world situation in the last couple of years has now become minascule.

Still important but as citizens of the world realize there would be no planet soon if war came to their country.

Which it can do in any country as this Russia Ukraine war showed, nothing is more important than peace.

Strict travel restrictions and so forth are now being put aside by governments around the world at the moment, temporarily, due to the world refugee fallout of millions that the Russia Ukraine war has caused.


China Barbaric Law For Dogs Should Be Wake Up Call To America

China Barbaric Law For Dogs Should Be Wake Up Call To America

Cost to economies of the refugees and so forth which take precendence.

It is maybe important to realize that while the human being will never all agree with one another, that’s okay.

You can agree to disagree. That’s all us mere mortals can do surely.

After all, it would be a very boring place if everyone thought the same, had the same minds and beliefs and values, wouldn’t it 🙂 That’s why human beings are all scientifically different and unique. Each and everyone 8 billion or so of them. But the same in that they are all important and equal.

Although it might not be easy, best practice is to try to love everyone you meet and try to simply be kind and friendly with all people, love thy neighbor as thy self.

Applies to everyone regardless of race, religion or creed. From a logic and scientific standpoint, the theory just works, moreover.

It always has and always will.

It cuts through everything.


Ghost Of Kyiv Sounds Like A Wild Man and A Bit Of A Legend But Things Can Get A Million Times Worse

Ghost Of Kyiv Sounds Like A Wild Man And A Bit Of A Legend But Things Can Get A Million Times Worse

Now, not always easy, granted, and, certainly war is the only thing that supersedes this but in general — if everyone just loved everyone a bit more — maybe the world would get along a bit more.

While Anthony Fauci in America seems to come in for an awful lot of flack and criticism in America and worldwide, best to try to be kind to him too and remember, he said something very good one time.

Relevant to now more than ever right here:

He’s the expert after all.

He said it himself, above.

People just have to learn to live with the world situation now.

As it is here to stay.

Hopefully no war soon and peace for all in the Russia Ukraine war (and the two month truce in Yemen too don’t forget).

Happy start of Ramadan to our Muslim readers worldwide.


Love conquers all

Watch: Love Conquers All In The Russia Ukraine War

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