Ireland great country to be fair.

But getting past the stereotypes pint of Guinness, green fields, leprechauns, Muppets like Bono and all that well and good, yeah.


But in the big fight news at the moment — the reality of the brutal trouble the whole island of Ireland is in internationally has only dawned on some of the stupid Irish government in recent times.

They rightly got rid of some Russian ‘diplomats’. Took them long enough though. Didn’t it.

After it has been widely reported now that they were putting Ireland and many other countries at a security risk.

How on Earth did they get away with that so long.


What were you doing.


China Barbaric Law For Dogs Should Be Wake Up Call To America

China Barbaric Law For Dogs Should Be Wake Up Call To America

Irish people too nice sometimes.

No good.

Can’t help some people if they can’t help themselves.

But the truth is there is some of the most evil in Ireland in the whole world. It’s always the ones you least suspect:

Alas, there is much more good people than bad ones though.

At the end of the day.

The future is bright!

On Ireland, also the trouble the data and tech companies are in operating out of Dublin, Ireland at the moment in the international courts hasn’t helped this Russia Ukraine war situation either.

What a mess.

At least they did the right thing some of them on this barbaric invasion of Ukraine to be fair.

‘Diplomats’ and ‘government’ credibility is at an all time low now.

Whatever is left of democracy has to be salvaged soon for the good of the world. For the good of the universe!

They will need to work hard to get back into the good books of citizens of the world following this war.

That’s for sure.


Love conquers all

Watch: Love Conquers All In The Russia Ukraine War

And another thing, who is this happy Leprechaun below and why was he talking about a digital Euro recently.

What is that all about.

What is his links and the Irish legal footprint of the World Economic Forum internationally and what is the happy Leprechaun’s plans for Ireland in the future below.

How will it affect other countries all this stuff this guy is proposing — all countries (as well as Ireland) should have reasonable, genuine concerns — follow the money:

Let’s see what these Irish government goons do in the years ahead to help people.

Let’s see if they are greedy or genuinely do more to help society.

If not things can get a million times worse for Ireland otherwise.

All countries around the world should be keeping an eye.

God is good.

The future is bright 🙂


Kasparov Spot On About Fragile Future Of Democracy Amid Russia War

Kasparov Spot On About Fragile Future Of Democracy Amid Russia War

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