Russian Hatchet Murderer Witch Little Bitch Caught In War

Russian Hatchet Murderer Witch Little Bitch Caught In War

In the big fights news in the world another bullseye has occurred for Ukraine in the Putin invasion it has emerged.

As many Russian generals, commanders and more get killed everyday, now a key sniper has been removed from the equation.

Irina Starikova.

While a mother of two may be pleading for her life now, the chances of seeing her kids again look slim to none in the rules of war. That’s up for the appropriate authorities to decide.

Murderous woman and Russian Irina Starikova will surely be given the appropriate lawful penalty as per rules of war that the Ukrainians decide.

It emerged this woman Irina Starikova (41), a mother of two — had reportedly killed over 40 Ukrainians — but crucially — she killed many innocent civilians (needlessly — that isn’t part of war):

While always important to try to be kind to all people, have empathy to all, and no one wants war of course, everyone wants peace and love — war is different and this woman below decided to murder innocent civilians.

She made her own bed at the end of the day. It will surely be up to the appropriate authorities to decide what to do with such a hatchet witch woman?Sure God love the little bitch no sympathy ?


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Killing innocent people — no good.

No one wants war but for the sake of peace and love for all people this war is unavoidable.

Kyiv, the great city of Ukraine will not fall. As mentioned by some. Too important a city in the world for it to do so. They have easily dealt with forces coming to the city and can continue to kill as many they need to for as long as they want — to protect the great city of the world Kyiv. Everyday that goes by the Russian economy gets weaker anyway.


America Could Make Big Move Against Russia In War

America Could Make A Big Move Against Russia To Shut Down War

Russia have been pushed back from the city now and the US will keep supplying arms.

The rest of the world will keep helping Ukraine too.

War is a brutal business but obviously this is nothing to what could be to come if Putin doesn’t change his tune, which would be a million times worse for him.

If Russia don’t genuinely do some sort of peace negotiation and come to an agreement of some form.

At least the Ukraine President extended the olive branch to meet half way on some things. Speaks volumes.

Putin knows he can’t win now with the world against him and it will be up to him to leave Russia to another country — to do talks to resolve anything for anyone moving forward.

The carnage for him and his dwindling army and country otherwise will just get much worse. Way, way worse. Brutally so.

That’s the reality and truth of it.

There is no being smart, peaceful or negotiating with evil.

It isn’t possible. It isn’t responded to in kind.

You must be firm but fair.

After all — there was a war in the beginning of this world for the sake of peace and love to even exist in the first place, wasn’t there.