In the big fight news in the world at the moment something seems to have gone under the radar a bit…

As the dislike from public shareholders into various companies continues during the Russia Ukraine war, at least some companies have been doing the right things.

Too slow though in many respects.

In the big fight news in the world, this Russia Ukraine war persists. It will come to an end one way or another. Make no mistake about that.

Google have found themselves at the center of the fight news and war in many regards at the moment and are getting sued at a staggering rate around the world both by private business and government.

Frankly, the likes of which is astonishing…

With Facebook having lost hundreds of billions this year it is easily possible that worldwide Alphabet shareholders will move on soon and cash out of Google.

Certainly if they do not smarten up in court and in the market place.

But the bigger question here aside from puppet politicians and slow witted corporations, is actually these people below.

And some individual by the name of Klaus Shcaub:


This professor brainiac guy apparently advocates for a lot of things for the internet, and so forth.

Sure, this Web 3.0 thing looks like it will change some things for the better. Granted. Maybe some new platforms are needed at this stage to be fair other than just Twitter to ‘regulate’ free speech and public discourse.

With that said, who is the above individual, and organization, to decide — as an unelected entity and individual — that they are akin to rulers/ruler or president of the world? 🤣Do us a favor.


Laila Ali and Muhammad Ali Grandson Pictured Together

Laila Ali And Muhammad Ali Grandson Pictured Together

Sovereign nations have their own alleged democracy to enforce these things on a localized level.

Why Google are listed as a partner on the above site doesn’t sit well. They are already in enough trouble as it is.

Ahead of the upcoming losses that Google are about to experience, which are unavoidable, and will level the playing field a bit more for publishers and websites around the world — and make the internet better and more reformed — and make a Google a better company and people after all of it is done — they would be well advised to watch this Klaus individual in the years ahead.

As of all big tech would.


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Ghost Of Kyiv Sounds Like A Wild Man And A Bit Of A Legend But Things Can Get A Million Times Worse

If this Shcaub, WEF individuals or any alleged surviving Rothschild or Rockefeller families around the world, if they even think (even for a split second) they are exempt from the world’s problems, they are sorely mistaken 🤣 A billion times worse stuff can happen them than this carnage in the world at the moment and they are well in line to receive it too just like anyone else. Like any other human being. Like us all. People are all the same. Places are just places. People are just people. Everyone makes mistakes and this is an imperfect world but capable of much better. Earth still has a lot of potential.

Bad weather, removal of wealth, removal of health, removal of friends and/or family members/loved ones — or removal of perceived power can happen anyone. At any time. At the drop of a hat. Power to the people. God is control of everything when all is said and done. Without God there is no meaning. Life is a voyage of ups and downs for us all to learn humility and respect for one another.

This is God’s world at the end of the day.

Welcome to the new age.


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Power to the people.

The above Klaus individual needs to be kept a close eye on moving forward.

As unelected individuals who are not safe — like anyone else. Whether offices in New York, Switzerland, footprint in Ireland (specifically keep an eye on them) and so forth.

While they may appear at times to be advocating for positive things — no one voted them into the position of rulers of the world at the end of the day — did they🤣


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