Some seemed to miss the whole point the other day when China all of a sudden locked down their population.

Timing is everything.

Notice the timing of the move they made.

It was because they didn’t see coming what happened them to their economy.

It’s the guys you don’t see coming in life you have to watch out for.

The quiet ones.

America the other day kept their cards close to their chest in this aspect of active warfare and then bang, when China least expected it, dropped the straight right hand over the shoulder in boxing terms.

Wiping trillions off their economy.


It wasn’t even a challenge.

More countries can follow this but there is a million other consequences for China that can, and will, happen, the longer they stand idle in this Putin massacre.

China have a big opportunity to show what they are all about, do some good and save themselves and their economy in China, while they still can.

Don’t support or tolerate in anyway Putin’s killing of innocent civilians in Ukraine.

His own people and army don’t support it so why should China.

Hopefully peace and no war soon.


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Points For Irish Prime Minister To Discuss With America On Saint Patrick’s Day 2022

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